VoIP Phones and IP Telephones for Business

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What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and it's changing the way in which we communicate and do business. By harnessing today's broadband technology VoIP phones enable you to keep in touch across the globe via VOIP providers (such as Skype, Vonage), as well as to make significant cost savings on calls to landline and analogue phones. This is technology that's moving fast, with most VoIP phones incorporating energy efficient features, unbeatable clarity, dual capability between landline and internet, integrated phone books, full colour displays that function like your mobile menu, and more. VoIP is available on many smartphones, PC’s/laptops, and on Internet access devices (eg. VoIP phones).

VOIP Phones: Corded & Cordless

VoIP DECT phones represent a revolutionary step in cordless technology. These phones allow you to place free VoIP to VoIP calls to friends and family all over the world with Skype and other internet services. The most recent VoIP phones come loaded with features including full colour menu-based displays, integrated phone books, answering machines and exceptional clarity that puts emotion back into phone calls. Some come with dual capability that allows you to switch in between land line and internet calls at the simple push of a button. Furthermore, there are a number of new VoIP phones with energy-efficient features that allow you to save a little money and reduce your footprint on the environment as well. When you buy VoIP phones, you can now save money and the planet!

VOIP Phones: For business & home

Practical for businesses and homes, VoIP phones can be used to take advantage of free calls and cheaper call rates than fixed line calling. Ideal for business looking to cut down on the costs of telephony or for families with friends or relatives abroad. We stock a wide variety of VoIP DECT phones in an array of styles and features. The Gigaset DX800A is a sophisticated corded desktop phone for VOIP and landline, which will work with up to 6 additional cordless handsets making it the perfect choice for small to medium sized offices. And for price conscious families on a budget, the Gigaset C595 IP is an entry level DECT VOIP phone that will help you stay connected to faraway loved ones.

VoIP products on liGo

If you're looking for a VoIP phone liGo is the place to come. Browse online at your leisure to discover plenty of VoIP options – each one carefully chosen by us for its quality, functionality, performance and efficiency. We're here to help, so if browsing isn't your thing and you want to get straight to your ideal product just call our customer service team and we'll be delighted to help! Alternatively, you can read some of our Customer Reviews of VoIP phones to help you find what you’re looking for.