The Siemens Gigaset C430A is an exceptionally good mid-range cordless phone with a starting price of £49.99. With it you get an integrated answering machine with up to 45 minutes recording time, anonymous call silencing to deal with pesky sales calls, an impressive battery life so you can talk long into the night, and the excellent sound quality that Gigaset phones are synonymous with. We put it to the liGo test to find out how good it really is:

Design & build

I like the design of the C430A. The handset is a nice shape, which is comfortable to hold and there is a decent sized colour screen. It will also stand up straight on a flat surface. The keypad is well laid out and the buttons are large enough not to cause any problems for older fingers. I think the only flaw in the design is the placement of the headset socket, which is located along the left-hand side near the bottom.

The build quality is excellent.

The base is fairly compact and has control keys and a speaker so you can use it to playback messages recorded on the answering machine. There is also an LED counter so you can see how many you have to listen to. Overall, the build quality is excellent. There is a nice weight to the handset, and it feels like it has been well made. The backlit screen and illuminated keypad work well, and the buttons are very responsive.

Sound quality

You’re more or less guaranteed great sound with Gigaset cordless phones, so we were not surprised to find that the call clarity using the C430A is excellent. There are five settings for volume on the earpiece and loudspeaker, which can be changed in the settings or during a call. The maximum volume on the earpiece could be louder but didn’t cause any problems for myself. And the sound quality through the hands-free speaker is better than other models. Voicemail messages recorded on the answering machine were also very clear when played back using the handset and on the base.

Ease of use & set-up

Gigaset C430A Included with the C430A is a Quick Start Guide and more detailed user manual. Set-up is straightforward, and aided by on-screen prompts. Contacts are easy enough to store in the phonebook memory, though aren’t automatically shared with other handsets if you have more than one (like they are on the similarly priced BT8500); however, it is simple to transfer contacts between handsets. The icon-based menu is logically laid out and easy to navigate through, and personalise. The answering machine is integrated on the base from where you can playback messages using the convenient controls; alternatively you can playback messages by accessing the answer machine from the cordless handset.

There are also 2 customisable function keys directly below the display, which you can assign for: Baby Monitor, Alarm Clock, Calendar, One touch call, or Redial.

Range & battery life

The performance of the C430A when it came to our test for range was very good. The handset continued to work indoors for distances of more than 40 metres indoors, and was consistent in all directions from the base. Outdoors, we were able to get upwards of 200 metres from our office building before the signal dropped. The only downside is that there is no warning that you are about to step out of range.

Range was very good

When using the handset continually, we were able to use it for almost two 8-hour stints on consecutive days without charging. Whilst the test handset that was fully charged and then left on standby is still going strong after a full week.


The C430A has a lot of useful features to take advantage of: from anonymous call silencing (preventing the ringer from sounding for any incoming calls where the number has been withheld or is unknown) to time controlled call silencing (allowing you to set certain times of the day or night when you don’t want the phone to ring). There is an in-built calendar, which you can use to set reminders. And the baby monitor function will allow you to use the C430A as...well, a baby monitor. When activated, the handset can be left in baby’s room and will call a stored number (which could be your mobile or another handset if you have a multipack) when the noise reaches a certain level.

Gigaset C430A 5


The Gigaset C430A is an ideal home phone for families. Delivering reliability in terms of sound quality, range, and battery life; as well as a variety of practical features. It is easy to use, well-made, and even featured on the Which? report as a Best Buy Cordless Phone. It has impressed many of our customers, and now us. A thoroughly good phone that we would highly recommend.