The Plantronics Audio DSP-400 is a digitally enhanced USB headset for PC with a noise-cancelling microphone, foldable design, and DSP. Engineered to offer exceptionally clear audio, and ease-of-use; this is an ideal headset for use with voice recognition software or catching up with friends or family on Skype. At just £49.99, this corded headset is very tempting. But is it worth your money, or would you be better off with a different model? We put it to the test in another in-depth review. Read on to find out how we got on!


It's hard to appreciate the design of the Plantronics .Audio DSP 400 until you have one in front of you. For a binaural headset it’s a lot more compact than we expected and feels more solid. The headband is adjustable from each side and there is a QuickAdjust boom so you can position the noise-cancelling mic for better clarity. The foam ear cushions are definitely of a higher grade than those typically found on cheaper headsets and earphones. They do actually cushion your ears from the hard plastic and make the headset quite comfortable to wear. What's more, the foam also stops your ears from getting too hot if you're using the headset for an extended period of time.

Plantronics .Audio DSP-400

One unique design feature of the Plantronics .Audio DSP-400 is that it’s foldable, and comes with a stylish leatherette travel pouch. This makes it the ideal USB headset for portability, since it won't take up too much space. Overall, we were impressed with the design – it looks good, feels well-made, and is comfortable to wear.

Sound quality

As a binaural corded headset, the .Audio DSP-400 delivers stereo sound. We've covered the difference between mono and stereo headsets in a previous blog post, but if you want a headset that you can also use for listening to music or watching movies, stereo is definitely the way to go. The headset further benefits from Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for a reduction in background noise and clearer audio. We tested the audio quality on Skype calls, online games, and streaming music and other media files. For a budget model, the sound quality of the DSP-400 is brilliant.

This corded headset also includes noise-cancelling capabilities, too. We tested this in a local coffee shop, and in our office. In both environments, the .Audio DSP-400 did a great job of blocking out all but the loudest background noise. Admittedly, it's not the most advanced noise-cancellation we've heard- but given the price, it is certainly a solid performer.

Features & set-up

Setting up the headset couldn't be more straightforward; simply plug and play to get started. There's no need to install additional software or drivers, as this corded headset has everything it needs built-in. Once connected the headset worked automatically for streaming music, making calls over Zoom, and watching movies. It also comes with in-line controls. These can be used to adjust the volume and mute the microphone so you can't be heard.

Plantronics DSP 400 6

Plantronics .Audio DSP-400: The Verdict

The Plantronics .Audio DSP-400 is an easy-to-use portable headset that delivers great audio for an affordable price. We're particularly impressed by its foldable design, which makes it perfect if you need a headset for on the go. At this sort of price, you really can't go wrong!

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