The Plantronics Audio DSP-400 is a digitally enhanced USB headset for PC with a noise-cancelling microphone, foldable design, and DSP. Engineered to offer exceptionally clear audio, and ease-of-use; this is an ideal headset for use with voice recognition software (such as Dragon) or catching up with friends or family on Skype. At just £28.99 it is well placed to offer good value for money so we put it to the liGo test to find out:


I wasn’t enthused about the design of the Plantronics .Audio DSP 400 until I had one in front of me. For a binaural headset it’s a lot more compact than I expected and feels more solid. The headband is adjustable from each side and there is a QuickAdjust boom so you can position the noise-cancelling mic for better clarity. The foam ear cushions are definitely of a higher grade than those typically found on cheaper headsets and earphones; they do actually cushion your ears from the hard plastic and make the headset quite comfortable to wear.

Plantronics .Audio DSP-400

Another design feature of the Plantronics .Audio DSP-400 is that it’s foldable, and comes with a stylish leatherette travel pouch making it the ideal USB headset for portability. Overall, I was fairly impressed with the design – it looks good, feels well-made, and is comfortable to wear.

Sound quality

The binaural design of the headset means that the .Audio DSP-400 delivers stereo sound, which further benefits from Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for a reduction in background noise and clearer audio. We tested the audio quality on Skype calls, online games, and streaming music and other media files.

For a budget model the sound quality of the DSP-400 is brilliant

We tested the noise-cancelling capabilities in a local coffee shop, and in our office;

Features & set-up

Setting up the headset couldn't be more straightforward; simply plug and play to get started (no need for additional software or drivers). Once connected the headset worked automatically for listening to music files, test Skype callm adThere are in-line controls, which can be used to increase/decrease the volume and mute the microphone so you can't be heard.

Plantronics DSP 400 6

As a result, we have seen the impressive all-round character of the Plantronics DSP-400, which showed excellent performance in all areas and in overall good sound reproduction. In the test, the move also take advantage of the compact design of the Plantronics DSP-400 reiterated felt that simply by using folds and tucked in his pocket. Thus, the corded headset is for us the ideal companion for travelling and easy and is on par with a wireless Bluetooth headset same price range such as the Plantronics M90.


The Plantronics DSP-400 is an easy-to-use portable headset that delivers great audio for an affordable price.


You can read full spec, customer reviews & buy the Plantronics .Audio DSP 400 here.