The Panasonic KX-PRW 120 cordless phone bears the Good Housekeeping Approved logo, meaning that it has passed the consumer Quality Assessment Test formulated by the professionals at the Good Housekeeping Institute. It has a stylish and contemporary design that ensures a comfortable and luxurious experience as you make use of the advanced features at your office or home. Key features include:

  • Indoor range of 50m, outdoor range of 300m
  • Noise reduction for clearer conversations
  • Smartphone connect functionality to connect up to 4 handsets
  • Advanced Tam with 40 minutes of messages


Easy to navigate layout

The KX-PRW120 designer phone features a striking graphic user interface displayed via a large 2.2-inch TFT colour LCD screen to give you the simplest and most insightful experience. This makes it very easy to read text and numbers, while the large, well defined buttons ensure easy input.

Smartphone Connect to widen your communication abilities

If you install the Smartphone Connect app in your smartphone, and activate the Wi-Fi connection, you can connect up to 3 smartphones as additional DECT handsets for your KX-PRW120 phone, which means that you can start receiving landline calls on your smartphone whenever the Wi-Fi is on.

Since you almost always have your smartphone with you, you will never have to bother getting up when relaxed in the living room or in bed whenever your landline phone rings. Furthermore, you can make landline calls using contacts in your smartphone, so you don’t have to copy them to the DECT handset, transfer calls between devices, use your tablet as an intercom, and even make 3-party conference calls.


What else?

In addition to its attractive, modern design that is characteristic of designer phones, the KX-PRW120 from Panasonic provides a distinct horizontal lay-down style handset that makes it easy to grab and grip, as well as a magnetic adaptor on the hook-like charger that ensures the handset rests securely in its rightful position.

This landline phone also supports SMS, Call Waiting, and Caller ID functions, incoming and outgoing call barring function, as well as an error-correction system that ensures clear phone conversations. The KX-PRW120 has a built-in answer machine with a recording time of 40 minutes, so you don’t have to pick all your calls.