For over the past 10 years, Skype has been providing a convenient way to place free and cheap calls online making it easier for millions of people to stay connected with friends and family. A few years ago Skype phones were nothing more than USB handsets, but nowadays Skype phones require no connection to PC (simply connect the base to your broadband router or modem), and can also be used to make and receive calls via landline as well as Skype.

The RTX 4088

The 4088 is the latest DualPhone from RTX, and includes a few added extras that its predecessor was lacking, such as supporting more than one Skype account when using multiple handsets. And unlike Wi-Fi phones for Skype, the 4088 utilises DECT for a more reliable and secure connection and better range. It’s available in either black or white, and the handset benefits from HD audio, and the ability to handle 2 parallel calls (1 Skype™ and 1 fixed line call).

RTX 4088 - Black

Supported Skype Features:

  • Calling via SkypeOut to ordinary telephone numbers
  • Works with Online Number – enables reception of calls from ordinary telephone numbers (PSTN)
  • Works with Skype Voicemail (view, play, delete, record personal greeting)
  • Skype conference call (invited party)
  • View, search and call Skype contact list
  • Skype Call Forwarding
  • Skype Call Waiting
  • Caller Identity with Skype name and picture of calling party
  • Notification of missed calls, new voicemail
  • Set your Skype online status (Offline, Away, Do Not Disturb etc.)
  • View the status of your Skype contacts on the handset display
  • View Call History of Skype and ordinary calls (30 entries)
  • Contact list (Telephone book): 250 entries
  • Create a new Skype account
  • Manual and automatic sign-in to Skype account
  • Edit Skype profile
  • Update notification when new Skype and DUALphone software is available
  • View Skype credits