If you want a stylish home phone that is not short on features then BT’s Aura 1500 could be the phone for you. With its reliably long battery life for up to 15 hours of talk time, intuitive phonebook with a capacity for 250 name and numbers and a dependable DECT range, this is an excellent cordless phone that has been designed for the demands of a modern household.

BT Aura 1500 Cordless Phone

Reliable sound quality

The earpiece of the Aura 1500’s handset has been designed for to provide optimum clarity of sound; and there is also an integrated loudspeaker so that you can enjoy conversations on your landline phone hands-free.

Intuitive contact management

The Aura 1500 lets you store up to 250 names and numbers in the phonebook memory, so you shouldn’t need to worry about running out of space. And if opt for more than one handset then entries are automatically shared to all handsets, so you only ever need to update the phonebook once. Once stored, contacts can also be organised into groups and assigned unique ringtones so that you know when someone from a certain group is calling. You can also program up to 8 of your favourite (or most frequently used) numbers for speed dialling.

Keep on talking

With an impressive 15 hour talk time, the BT Aura 1500 measures up favourably compared to similarly priced models from other manufacturers such as Gigaset’s C610A or Panasonic’s KX-TG8562. And with a standby time of 150 hours, you’re covered whether you talk on the phone little and often or at length.

While you were out

One of the key features of the BT Aura 1500 is the integrated digital answering machine on the base, which boasts a remarkably long recording time of up to 60 minutes (longer than most other cordless phones on the market). So if you’re household needs a home phone with a dependable answer machine to take a lot of messages; this phone is an excellent choice. It offers the option to record your own greeting and has a remote access feature so you can even pick up messages while you are away from home.


BT Eco CredentialsEnergy efficiency is becoming an important consideration these days, and BT have taken this on board making the Aura 1500 65% more efficient than its predecessor. It also comes in smaller eco-friendly packaging made from recyclable materials.

Here it straight from the horse’s mouth

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