Today I'd like to highlight some of the difference between two of our new favourite baby monitors here at liGo: the BT 7000 and its big brother, the BT 7500. Either option is a pretty high-end offering in the world of video baby monitors, and it is hard to go wrong with either one. To help our readers determine which selection to make, lets take a look at what each has to offer.

Probably the first difference most will notice is the price tag. The BT 7500 is about £25 more than the 7000 model, and although the 7500's baby unit appears to have a bit more bells and whistles, we'll examine below if its really worth the extra cost.


The Similarities

The BT 7000 and 7500 actually have a whole lot in common. The most impressive feature in common is the 3.5” colour touch screen display both models feature on the parent unit. Utilising touch screen technology really allows BT to get the most out of their real estate on the parent unit, displaying a view of whats going on which is like sitting at an IMAX theatre compared to the view offered by most video baby monitor parent units.

Seamlessly displayed over your view from the camera is information about temperature, the time, battery life, and sound level monitors. Both the BT 7500 and the 7000 also have the ability to control a selection of 19 lullabies to be played from the baby unit via the display on the parent unit.

With HD Sound quality, a high quality camera, and infrared night vision available on both units, either the 7000 or the 7500 is sure to let you keep a steady eye on your nursery.


The Differences

As I addressed above, in a lot of ways the BT 7000 and 7500 are the same. In terms of their essential functional components, they more or less get the same job done with the same feature set. But there are a few key differences.

The baby unit on the 7500 looks quite a bit different from the 7000. Where the 7000 is relatively minimalist with results resembling an everyday web cam, the 7500 has its own housing and case. One of the reasons for this is the 7500 is equipped with some features to move the camera which the 7000 lacks.

The 7500 lets users pan, tilt, and zoom the camera to get a better view of whats going on. The 7000 is unfortunately confined to a single view.

In addition, the 7500 baby unit is equipped with the light show feature, which displays a pleasant array of moons, stars, planets and other entertaining shapes in soothing colours on the wall of your nursery. A great way to help soothe baby to sleep, set the mood for nap time, or a fun way to entertain.

Which One Is For You?

If you just want to get the job done well with no frills, the 7000 is more than likely enough to suffice. If you have a particularly mobile crowd in your nursery, you might benefit from the 7500's ability to pan and tilt the camera to provide a wider field of view. Get the product details for both video monitors on liGo!