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Cordless Phones UK /

Cordless Phones UK

liGo With all the models available in the market, looking for a new cordless phone that fits your requirements can be daunting task. Will you go with a 2.4 GHz cordless phone or do you need to get a 5.8 GHz model? Will you go digital or stay with an analog model? What features do you need now?

Let us at liGo Electronics UK help you arrive at an informed purchasing choice. We've created a quick cordless phone guide to introduce the basic technology and usability considerations when shopping for a cordless phone.

Is the cordless phone model multi-handset ready?
A multi-handset cordless phone system consists of a single base unit and one or more accessory handsets. The base unit is the main component and is plugged into both the electrical and phone outlets. The accessory handsets are connected to the base unit wirelessly and only need to be plugged into an electrical outlet. You don't need an extra phone outlet to connect to, which means you can position these accessory handsets in any area - the living room, the bedroom and even the garage!

A multi-handset cordless phone system has the ability to transfers calls between handsets. You can even use them as an intercom system. Some systems have dual-handsets while others have expansion slots for up to four, six or eight accessory handsets.

Does the cordless phone model have an answering system?
Some cordless phone models have built in answering systems that can record outgoing announcements or incoming messages to an internal storage device. The more advanced "DECT" or Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephones store these data digitally, allowing for reliable tapeless operation, instant access and the ability to save or delete individual calls. Some models can be triggered remotely, allowing you to record and playback messages remotely, say when you're outside UK and you want to check your home messages.

Does the cordless phone model have caller ID and call waiting features?
If you've signed up for a caller ID service with your phone company, you can use your cordless phone model to display the name and the number of the calling party on the phone's LCD screen. Cordless phones with the call waiting feature enabled allows you to see the call details of a second incoming call

Does the cordless phone model have a built-in speakerphone?
The latest cordless phone models have built-in speakerphones either on the base unit or the cordless handsets. These speakerphones use full duplex operation allowing you and the caller to speak simultaneously.

Be sure to check out our selection of cordless phones for the UK market.
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