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What is a DECT Repeater?

Put simply, a DECT Repeater is a box that plugs into a mains power socket and helps you to extend the range of your cordless phones. It works by pairing with the base station of the phone (main unit that is connected to your telephone line), and then being positioned as far away from the base as possible (but still kept within the radius of its signal) so that it can “repeat” the signal and up to double the range of your phone. Most modern cordless phones have a capacity to have up to six repeaters registered to one base station, however, as they all need to be within the radius of the base signal (i.e. you can’t register a repeater to another repeater), in our experience after 3 repeaters you’re unlikely to see any noticeable improvement. If you don’t think that a repeater is going to help you achieve the coverage that you need, at liGo we have a number of other solutions: the RTX Pro-Link 4002 is capable of repeater-to-repeater registration, allowing you to daisy chain up to 3 for longer range. And the RTX Huber+Suhner Long Range Antenna can be connected to an RTX repeater for a boost of up to 3 times the normal range.

How easy is it to set-up a repeater & extend the range of a cordless phone?

Installing a repeater in your home is fairly straightforward; a repeater only requires a connection to a mains power socket and pairs wirelessly with the base station of your DECT cordless phone. Our easy to follow step-by-step guide is included with every order for a repeater, and is available online. And we pride ourselves on our after-sales support so if you do run into any issues, our friendly Customer Services team will be happy to help.

Repeaters for Cordless Phones

Most DECT phones will provide roughly the same range of up to 50 metres indoors, and up to 300 metres outdoors. And whilst some more expensive phones may make better use of their output power to get closer to this maximum; if you’re experiencing problems with cordless phone range in your home then investing in a repeater is likely to provide the best results. At liGo, you’ll find the best selection of DECT repeaters for cordless phones, including repeaters from BT, Gigaset, Panasonic, and RTX.

5 facts you should know about repeaters:

If you’re not familiar with repeaters, here are 5 facts that you should know:
1. Not all cordless phones are repeater compatible (check the user manual of your phone, contact the manufacturer, or get in touch with us before ordering if you’re not sure). 2. Not all repeaters are compatible with all cordless phones (if in doubt contact us and we’ll make sure you get the right repeater for your phone). 3. A repeater will need to be registered to the base station of your phone before it will work (we offer the best after-sales support so can talk you through registration over the phone if you’re having problems). 4. Once registered a repeater will need to be moved as far away from the base of your phone as possible (but still within the radius of its signal) for a maximum boost in coverage. 5. Most cordless phones will accept up to four repeaters. However, please note that these cannot be daisy chained, i.e. one repeater cannot repeat the signal of another one (only the RTX Pro-Link Repeater is capable of this). The benefit of having more than one repeater is that you can place each one in a different direction, e.g. one in the west and the other in the east of the property thus giving you improved range and reception in both directions.