Telephones have come a long way in recent years, with modern cordless phones offering a wide range of convenient features such as call blocking to help you put an end to nuisance calls. Available with multiple handsets, extra long-range, VoIP capabilities, and Link-to-Mobile, you’ll find telephones to meet your requirements whether for personal or business use.


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The Best Telephones On The Market

Well over a century after they were first invented, telephones are still going strong. With just a few taps, they allow us to connect with virtually anyone in the world. But these telephones have come a long way since Alexander Graham Bell’s time. Nowadays, DECT is the industry standard, so there aren’t any wires to get tangled up in. Instead, telephones are typically cordless, allowing you freedom of movement while making and taking calls. What’s more, many modern telephones come with a whole host of handy features, too. From integrated digital answering machines to VoIP functionality, there’s so much to discover!

At liGo, we’ve got a huge range of telephones to choose from. Whether you need a new telephone for home or a bundle for office use, we stock models from some of the best brands around. BT, Panasonic, and Gigaset are all well-represented in our product range, for the simple fact that their handsets are a cut above other manufacturers. We rigorously test all models before we offer them to our customers. That’s because we were founded on one simple principle: provide buyers with the best value for money. Functionality is just as important as price, so we work hard to every single product in our line is up to standard.

As standard, DECT telephones offer up to 50 metres range indoors, and up to 300 metres outdoors. If you need to push that a bit further, though, then we also stock a wide selection of repeaters. These devices help to boost the range of the base unit further, and in the right conditions, they can effectively double that range. That makes them the perfect choice for those who need a bit more freedom with where they place their handsets. From large homes to multi-floor offices, repeaters are the perfect accompaniment to our telephones for many users.

Telephones for Home or Business

Whatever you need to use your telephone for, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here. liGo is proud to offer an outstanding range that covers all bases, from landline to VoIP, home to office. Don’t feel intimidated by all that choice, though. Our friendly Customer Service team are always on hand to help, and are only ever a phone call or email away.