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Hands-Free Reliability

There’s something about a sleek black corded phone that screams professionalism. Set upon an office desk, whether at home or at work, sends the message that you mean business. They’re incredibly easy to use, too, as the buttons are large and visible while the handset is to your ear, and you never have to remember to send the call. And, they work on landlines for optimal reliability. The only drawback? You’re a prisoner at your desk, connected to your call and the outside world by a curly cable that pulls you back whenever you try to get away. Fortunately, pairing a wireless headset with a corded phone gives you all the reliability of a corded phone with all the versatility of being able to talk untethered and unencumbered.

Brands And Benefits

At liGo, we carry corded phone packages by trusted brands like BT Paragon and Plantronics, so you know you’ll be getting a high quality product. With a bundle, you can rest easy knowing that you get all of the benefits of a corded phone. You’ll never have to worry about a battery dying, or about going out of range, or about where your misplaced handset might be. You’ll also get features like a built-in answering machine, text messaging capabilities, contact lists, visual ring indicators, and more. And if you need mobility and the ability to work hands-free, that’s what the headset it for. You’ll find noise cancelling headphones on most models, as well as outstanding audio quality for crystal clear communication, even when you’re moving about.

Save A Bundle On Bundles

Of course you can buy a corded phone and a wireless headset separately and use them together. However, by buying a corded phone package at liGo, you’ll save yourself or your company money on the products you need. We offer corded phone packages at different price points to best fit your budget and requirements.