Twin Cordless Phones with Two Handsets

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Twin Cordless Phones

Opting for a duo set of cordless landline phones means that you can have two handsets in your home and only need one telephone line. It is only the main phone that needs to be connected into your telephone socket as the second handset receives the signal wirelessly, and simply needs a power socket for recharging. Useful DECT features to take advantage of with multiple handsets include the facility to intercom between handsets, transfer calls, copy phonebook entries, and more. Explore the full range of twin cordless phones. Our friendly Customer Services team are on hand to offer advice & answer any questions.

Twin DECT Telephones – BT, Gigaset, Panasonic

We stock a wide variety of the twin cordless phones from some of the biggest & best brands, including: BT, Gigaset, and Panasonic. Whether you're in the market for a reasonably priced budget model that offers value for money (take a look at the Panasonic KX-TG 8062), or something slightly more stylish and upmarket, you'll be able to find what you're looking for on liGo.

Advantages of multiple handsets

Most modern DECT phones have the capacity to have up to at least 4 cordless handsets registered to one base (the main unit, which you connect to your phone line), and provides access to additional features. No matter the size of your home, anyone with a cordless landline phone has at some point heard the phone ringing and been unable to find the handset. Even adding just one more handset (one for upstairs, one for downstairs) can make life a lot easier. And with the best prices online for cordless phones, sometimes it makes more sense to go for more than one handset.