Five Handset Cordless Phones

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Quint Digital Cordless Phones (set of 5)

A Quint set of cordless phones enables you to place a separate handset in the most used rooms in your office or home so there are no mad dashes to answer the telephone every time it rings. Only the main base needs to be connected to a phone line (each additional handset simply requires a mains socket to plug in the charger); and models such as the Gigaset SL400A come with a separate base so that all 5 handsets can be located wherever you need them.

Practical DECT features for Quint Cordless Phones

With 5 handsets you can make the most of additional features that modern digital cordless phones have to offer. You will be able to place internal calls between handsets and use your phones as an intercom; calls can also be transferred, and other handsets can be invited to join a call. If there is an integrated answering machine on the base, all five handsets will be able to access and listen to messages recorded on it. And there will be no need to update the phonebook on every handset – contacts can also be transferred or you can look for a model that has automatic sharing of entries.

Repeater compatible

Most of the Cordless Phones with 5 Handsets we stock are fully repeater compatible, so if range is an issue then there is a simple solution. Like the additional handsets, a DECT repeater only requires a mains power socket and can up to double the range from your base station. You can have up to 3 repeaters registered to one base, and we offer discounted prices in our package deals when you order a quint set.