Cordless Phone Bundles

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One Bundle, Multiple Uses

With the advances in cordless phone technology over the last few decades, phone conversations have been transformed from a sedentary, close-range activity to an act that can be done anywhere in the home or office. The cordless phones on the market today also include many features like built-in contact lists, high capacity answering machines, and full colour LCD screens, making them an all-in-one phone centre. But one problem cordless phones don’t solve is that of professional-sounding hands-free communication. Sure, there are speakerphones on many models, but they don’t work in noisy environments. Plus, no matter how great their quality may be, the transmitted audio does not have the same crispness and clarity. Bundling a cordless phone (or multiple cordless phones) with a wireless headset affords the best of both worlds: a top quality cordless phone with all of the features included, plus crystal clear hands-free audio performance.

Manufacturers, Features, And Handsets

The bundles you’ll find at liGo include components made by such trusted brands as Siemens, Plantronics, Jabra, and others. Most models offer DECT audio technology for high-quality and professional sound. On the cordless phone component of the available bundles, you’ll find features like contact lists that can hold 100 or more phone numbers, easy-to-use colour LCD displays, answering machines of varying capacities, and more. The included wireless headsets offer a number of different features as well, such as control buttons on the earpiece, noise cancelling microphones, and digital audio. Different headsets have different ranges, so be sure to check the size of your space and the range of the headset before making your purchase.

The Products You Want, The Prices You Need

No matter what your budget may be or what your communication needs may be, liGo has a cordless phone bundle that will suit you perfectly. With single handset budget models at under £130 to deluxe quad bundles with all the bells and whistles, you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for at a price you can afford.