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Why Buy A Dedicated Conference Phone?

With just about every home phone, office phone, and smart phone offering speaker capabilities, purchasing a dedicated conference phone may seem a bit excessive. But if you’ve ever tried to conduct a business-related conversation or transaction using the speaker function on a regular land line or mobile phone, you know how frustrating it can be for everyone to hear one another. The audio quality on the speaker is almost never as good as it ought to be, and the vocal quality transmitted by the microphone is often tinny and thin. Everyone has to repeat himself or herself frequently, and the entire experience is largely unsatisfying. But with a stand-alone VOIP Conference phone, these problems are essentially eliminated. Built specifically for calls that require a speaker and have many participants, rather than adding certain features as an afterthought, a VOIP conference phone is a sound investment in your company’s overall professionalism.

Great Brands, Great Features

At liGo, you’ll find top quality VOIP conference phones by trusted manufacturers like Plantronics, Polycom, Jabra, Konftel, and more. Many models will work with VOIP calls as well as traditional land line calls. The smaller conference phones are portable and can be used just about anywhere. Some of the more high end models will do things like record conversations on an SD card for later playback and some are even compatible with a wireless headset. In addition to all of these features, the VOIP conference phones at liGo all have a sleek, attractive design with an interface that’s very easy to use.

A Conference Phone For Every Budget

Whether you’re looking for a simple conference phone that will make conference calls just sound better, or whether you want a high-end conference phone with all the bells and whistles, you’ll find what you’re looking for at liGo. With conference phones starting at under £75, there’s sure to be a conference phone that will fit your company’s budget. Especially in business the conference call has never been so important. Conference calling removes the need to travel long distances and allows people to get together and discuss important matters even at a moment's notice. That's why most business people these days expect to be able to conference call freely. If you're asked to set up a conference call but you don't have the technology to do it you could face embarrassment. Thankfully, audio conferencing systems these days are not only simple to use, they're also surprisingly affordable and deliver outstanding call performance as well as clever functionality. The latest conferencing systems and products from market specialists such as Polycom and Kinftel are all available through liGo with exclusive discounts on many models and systems just for you.