Additional Handsets for Cordless Phones

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What do you do if you have a perfectly functioning set of cordless phones and one handset suddenly stops working? Or you’ve bought a phone with one or two handsets and decide you need three or four? You don’t have to buy a brand new replacement - so long as the base of your Digital Cordless Phone is GAP compatible (most are!), you can solve your predicament by exploring our range of additional handsets. Search for your current model or something similar in this section; with additional handsets from all the top DECT brands including BT, Gigaset, and Panasonic. Our trained Customer Services team will be able to talk you through registering your new handset once it arrives if you require any assistance; or search our easy-to-follow Quick Start Guides for your Cordless Handset and follow the step-by-step instructions.

GAP (Generic Access Profile)

is the standard which allows for the interoperability of DECT base stations and cordless handset of different manufacturers. When using a GAP compatible handset from one manufacturer with a GAP compliant base from another manufacturer it should work at a basic level (i.e. the ability to make and receive calls); however, you may find that it is not possible to access some of advanced features, such as: phonebook synchronisation, operation of the answering machine, intercom, and call transfer. You are more likely to gain fuller compatibility when using a handset and base from the same manufacturer, but even this is no guarantee. If you are currently using or decide to order an additional handset for use with a different base, why not post your experiences of how well it works on our Customer Review section to help fellow customers?

Additional handsets for DECT Cordless Phones

Are you looking for a replacement handset for your digital cordless phone; or trying to expand your current landline telephone system? Whatever your reasons, you’ll be able to find the perfect handset to suit your needs. Get started and search through our entire range of GAP handsets from brands such as: BT, Gigaset, Panasonic, and more. Or take a look at the Gigaset L410 Hands-free Clip, a purpose built DECT speakerphone with excellent sound quality. A lightweight additional handset that clips onto your clothing to conveniently answer your phone at the touch of a button and talk hands-free.

Registering an additional handset

To make setting up a new handset easier, we have written Quick Start guides on how to register each handset we sell and include a copy when your order is sent to you. Instructions are also available online and our Customer Service team are always on hand to offer support and assistance (by email, phone & LiveChat).