Siemens Gigaset S850A Quad with Long Range
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Siemens Gigaset S850A Quad with Long Range

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    Good but not easy

    For the first time I have been able to link our house and a garden office with garden shed together on one telephone system for both internal and external calls. This is the really good news, that any phone can be taken anywhere around the house and garden and it will work.

    The bad news is that it was impossible with the instructions supplied to get the range extender working. I had to ring customer support and got good and clear information that worked.

    More bad news is that it took me ages to find out how to copy phone directories in from my computer. Bluetooth did not work (to and from my Mac). But the program on the base unit did have a sub-routine to do it.

    The base unit program desperately needs a set of links from the index or content subjects direct to the program section concerned. The pain of a highly flexible unit, such as this, is that it has loads and loads of options which make it very complicated to use. I also suspect the menus (translated from German?) need looking at from the point of the instructions and sequences.

    After three weeks of slowly setting up all machines, I think I have got the hang of them. But if I don't use the settings for a year, will I remember.

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