Plantronics RIG 500HD Surround Sound PC Corded Headset
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Plantronics RIG 500HD Surround Sound PC Corded Headset

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    Many faults, but usable.

    I received an email from ligo asking for a review, so here it is.

    Comfort - average. I have a weird shaped head and often can't find headsets that are comfortable, this was advertised as being comfortable but was no different to the cheap headsets I've used in the past. For fairness, it also wasn't different to expensive headsets. It's hard for me to say whether this is comfortable or not because I generally don't find headsets comfortable regardless of design.

    Design - poor. The ear peices are merely clipped into a small hole on the frame, and after a few months of using them they are now loose and wobbly as the plastic is cheap and wears down easily. Having only three sizes makes it impossible to position perfectly as well, I was stuck between too tight or too loose. Additionally, the audio jack to usb converter is located on the headset end, not on the usb end, so if you wanted to use it for a mobile device or tablet you'll have to have the device within 3 inches of your face, all of the cable length is in the usb converter (a very strange and poor design choice). Because it's on the headset side, you'll also pull the plug out frequently, since you'll end up pulling that side of the cable much more than the one plugged into your pc.

    Sound quality - It's decent, I've heard better but this headset doesn't cost as much so it's swings and roundabouts.

    Mic quality - It doesn't crackle, but it is very quiet. I have to speak pretty loudly for anyone to hear me. This is also the first headset that chose not to allow mic boost.

    Missing features - It's advertised as having replaceble cups, but doesn't actually ship with these, so if you want to swap you'll have to purchase additional accessories. It doesn't say as much in the product description.

    Appearance - I personally don't like the barebones look, but I've had people say they look awesome. There's no fancy gimicks like lights etc, it looks better than a cheap £10 headset, but I personally think it could look better for the price. Since I bought it hoping the sound quality would be better than my previous headset and appearance wasn't really a consideration, this is a minor point for me.

    Other - I've not included this in the evaluation of my score since it could just be my computer playing up, but since plugging this headset in all of my usb devices constantly disconnect at random times, for various amounts of time. Giving the benefit of the doubt, I'm assuming it's my computer and not this headset.

    Overall: The headset is made out of cheap materials, with poor design choices. Mic quality is decent but quiet, and sound quality is just above average.

    Final score: I don't know how Ligo will calculate my score, but I would put a 2/5, it's not poor enough to deserve a 1, but it's far from being a good headset.

    I wouldn't recommend this headset to anyone.

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