Jabra Evolve 80 UC Stereo Corded Headset
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Jabra Evolve 80 UC Stereo Corded Headset

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    Great product!

    They are big, solid, and well made making them extremely comfortable to wear for most of the day. More akin to a high-class pair of headphones than a headset.nnI need to be on my phone for a lot of the day and have to switch between the softphone on my PC and my smartphone so the Evolve 80 works really well at managing both. nnThe noise-cancelling is very good for a high-end multi-purpose business headset, and rivals a much more expensive set I had from Sennheiser. The sound quality on calls has exceeded expectations and is not too bad for music though aren't going to replace my actual hadphones anytime soon.nnThe mic is excellent at not picking up any background noise around you, and I can always be heard clearly. It can also be tucked out of the way on the headband although I don't get a chance often enough to make use of this!nnIt comes with a nice case to store it away and the cups can be twisted flat to fit more neatly into your bag.nnYes it's expensive but you get what you pay for with this and I feel that it is good value for money.

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