Jabra EVOLVE 65 UC Stereo Sextet Wireless Headset
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Jabra EVOLVE 65 UC Stereo Sextet Wireless Headset

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    At last- a headset that meets all my requirements!

    Only been using this headset for a couple of weeks but so far I'm very impressed with them.
    I need to use a Bluetooth headset as part of my job every day, so safe to say I have quite a bit of experience with them. I've spent the last year or so trying to find the right headset, and in that time I've come up with the following list of requirements:
    -Need to work with both PC and mobile- and be easy to switch from one to the other
    -Sound should be clear in both directions, especially when there's background noise as I often use a headset while driving
    -Battery life that actually lasts through the day without cutting out on you
    -Needs to fit my (admittedly oversized) head
    -Comfortable to wear for long periods of time- I might spend in excess of eight hours straight using a headset, so it's important that it doesn't get annoying!
    I've tried so many different headsets and it has been unbelievably difficult to find one that meets all of these requirements. They might meet two or three of them, but I find that even this isn't enough. The ones with clear sound were irritating to wear all day, while the most comfortable ones had rubbish microphones. Admittedly a lot of these headsets were pretty cheap, so I decided to spend a bit more money under the maxim that you get what you pay for. After a bit of research I came across the Jabra Evolve 65 and given the good reviews I read, I decided to give them a go.
    At last- a headset that actually meets all my needs! The sound quality is fantastic in both directions, they're easy to connect and switch between devices, and crucially they sit well on the head and the battery life lasts for a healthy amount of time.
    The only downside is that the boom arm is a little short for my preference, as it means the mic is quite close to my mouth and so people on the other end can sometimes hear me breathing during a call. It can be clipped onto the headband when not in use, but you need to retract the boom for this. This isn't a big issue though, certainly not when compared to how good the Evolve 65 is in all other respects.
    I would thoroughly recommend this headset for anyone who needs to take calls handsfree. I only wish I'd come across it sooner!

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