Siemens Gigaset C570A Trio Long Range
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Siemens Gigaset C570A Trio Long Range

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    Overall excellent once you get long range setup

    I have had the system for a few weeks now, still getting to know all the functions. The Siemens phones themselves are excellent, the sound level and quality are good. ergonomically there are no buttons on the edge which means no accidental issues when picking the phone out of the cradle.

    The handsets and base were easy to set up and each hand set registered without issue. The units have a host of features, the only negative one for me being you cannot rename the handset (at least I can't figure it out) so you are stuck with int 1, int 2 and int 3. I can understand the logic as you can transfer functions to different handsets but, this is a bit pointless if handsets aren't put back in the original locations. You also have to search by vacant charger to work out where the handset belongs if you weren't the one using it. I have a Siemens oven which also surfers from this 'form over function' software driven nonsense, seems this is the future! Each handset and base can have a different ring tone and I believe another for internal transfer calls. I have been able to send a number of marketing calls to a block list and you can even turn handsets to silent at certain time of night if you wan't.

    The only other odd thing is setting the time using a known accurate clock as a reference to the second, I was surprised to find that the clock on the handset changed 30 sec later than expected to the next minute, tried a few times, in the end had to leave a 30 sec offset before pressing save and now have perfect time sync.

    The long range unit on the other hand is a different matter this is not a Siemens unit so maybe why this was a nightmare to set up. I followed the automatic and manual instructions which unlike the the Siemens units is very poor. I had to admit defeat in the end and rang LiGo for help, a lovely lady talked me through this which in the end was nothing like the instructions I had, I got the feeling I was not the first (nor will I be the last) to ask for help setting the extender up.

    So all in all I would recommend the unit on my experiences so far and also recommend LiGo on the speed of delivery and their support.

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