Easy to Use Cordless Phones Buying Guide

Easy to Use Cordless Phones Buying Guide

Traditional forms of communication, choosing the right landline phone is extremely important. Whether you’re looking for something with large buttons and font size, extra loud, or hearing aid compatible this guide will help you to find the right phone.

The 3 most important factors to consider when looking for an easy to use DECT phone

1. The Design

A lot of manufacturers (and not just those of cordless phones) don’t design their products with older hands in mind. As a result anyone with reduced dexterity and/or poor eyesight might find some DECT phones more difficult to use due to stylishly small or flat lying buttons. There are a number of big button cordless phones, which would be easier.

2. The Volume

Hearing can be a problem for many of our older customers, and questions about the volume of the ringer and earpiece are frequent. If you have hearing problems or are buying a cordless phone for someone who has then it’s probably worthwhile seeking out a model that is extra loud, or at the very least has a decent speakerphone. You can also shop for models, which are hearing aid compatible.

3. The Features

If you’re looking for something that is easy to use then something basic is probably best. Think about whether or not an answering machine is needed, or call blocking.


We hope this buying guide has given you a clear starting point on how to find the right easy to use cordless phone for you. For information on more specific cordless phones select from one of the Buying Guides below or start shopping for Cordless Phones now.