Smart Baby Monitors Buying Guide

Smart Baby Monitors Buying Guide

There are so many excellent choices for baby monitors, with features to make your head spin. Between what you really need, and what you really want, smart baby monitors have emerged. In many ways they are more practical than regular monitors, as you only have to carry your smartphone or tablet with you, without the need for an additional device. Smart baby monitors can connect to the internet wherever you are, so you can check up on baby even when you are away. The caveat is that smart monitors can often be (a lot!) more expensive than regular audio or video baby monitors. Here at liGo we have compiled a helpful buying guide to help you get exactly what you need, without digging too deeply into your pockets.

Benefits of smart monitors

  • App-enabled:

    Smart monitors work via matching apps you download on your Apple or Android device, whether these are smartphones or tablets.

  • Unlimited Connectivity:

    Smart baby monitors can be used anywhere you have a Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or internet connection of any kind. As long as you can use the matching app, the monitor will work.

  • Secure viewing for the whole family:

    Smart monitors are an excellent choice if some of the family stays abroad, as most allow viewing by multiple users at once. Data encryption means only those people you share your password with can see baby.

  • Truly “smart” monitoring:

    Noise-alerts, temperature, humidity – it’s all possible with a smart monitor, and some of the higher priced models really offer everything you could possibly wish for.


We hope this buying guide has given you a clear starting point on how to find the right baby monitor for you. For information on more specific baby monitors select from one of the Buying Guides below or start shopping for Baby Monitors now.