How to Choose the Right Cordless Phone

Cordless Phone Buying Guide

There is a vast selection of digital cordless phones available from numerous manufacturers, and it can be difficult to find what you’re looking for especially when shopping online. If you need a new cordless phone for the home then this guide will give you the tools you need to make the right choice:

4 of the Most Important Features to Consider

When choosing a new home phone it is worthwhile considering what exactly constitutes a good cordless phone so that you can make a checklist to tick off when making your decision. We’ve identified the 5 most important features that can make a cordless phone stand out as exceptional:

Cordless Phone Sound Quality

Sound Quality

First and foremost, a cordless phone needs to provide good sound quality. Unlike mobile phones, which can suffer from deterioration in clarity depending on your signal strength, you should expect much better from your landline phone. We invite our customers to rate the phones we sell for sound quality, and we regularly test and review new models on our blog. So find out which models offer the best call quality and avoid muffled, distorted and crackly phone calls before your place your order. We pride ourselves on being experts on cordless phones and are only a call, email or livechat away if you need us!

Cordless Phone Range


Think about the size of your property, and how far away from the base (the part you connect to your phone line) you’d like to be able to take calls. Most DECT phones provide up to 50 metres of range indoors, and up to 300 metres outdoors, which should be adequate for most sized properties. However, if you live in an older property with thick walls or have experienced problems with cordless phone range in the past then a long range cordless phone or one that is repeater is repeater compatible is a good idea. You can find out more in our Buying Guide for Long Range Cordless Phones.

Call Blocking

Call Blocking

If you’re pestered by unwanted sales calls and want to make them stop then a cordless phone with Call Blocking could be your answer. Since BT introduced their first home phone with Nuisance Call Blocking – the BT6500 – in 2013, there has been a growing number of DECT phones, which allow you to block certain types of calls though capabilities differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, and from model to model. If you'd like to prevent your home from and are interested in finding out more then read our Buying Guide for Nuisance Call Blocking Cordless Phones.

Answering Machine

Answering Machine

Many cordless phones come with an integrated answering machine as standard. The recording time varies from as little as 10 minutes up to an hour so think about how much you'll need. Some answerphones boasts extra features, such as: remote operation, SMS notification, and the facility to record your own personalised greeting. However, if you'd prefer to do without an answering machine altogther (or stick with the 1571 service) you'll find plenty of top range cordless phones that are answer machine free.

How many handsets do I need?

Most modern digital cordless phones have a capacity for up to 6 handsets. Deciding how many handsets you need or might like can help you to narrow down your search. If you are interested in a multi-pack of DECT phones or might like to add extra handsets at a later date then you should check what the maximum number the handsets the model is expandable to. Having more than one handset (in addition to allowing you to place a handset in more than one room) typically offers extra features such as call transfer, intercom (internal calls), phonebook sharing or phonebook transfer, and sometimes more (eg. baby monitor).

Which brand should I choose?

It is certainly worthwhile considering the reputation of the various manufacturers of cordless phones before ordering, and one the best ways to do this is by reading customer reviews. Unlike retailers (even honest ones like ourselves) that sell the products, individuals who have actually purchased are more likely to be unbiased and have felt compelled to say something about their product because it is good or bad. And whilst one individuals opinion may differ from another, if you take the time to read a few different reviews and cross-reference with other independent consumer forums (such as Which?) then it can give you greater confidence when purchasing.


We hope this buying guide has given you a clear starting point on how to find the right cordless phone for you. For information on more specific cordless phones select from one of the Buying Guides below or start shopping for Cordless Phones now.