A leading name in the world of conferencing solutions, Konftel , has developed another contribution earlier this year with the Konftel 300.  According to Chief Executive Officer Peter Renkel, the manufacturer was adamant about developing the “world’s best conference phone”.  On the surface, those claims are hard to argue as the Konftel 300 definitely looks the part with a stylish design and a list of impressive specification and features.

Link it Up

What makes the Konftel 300 stand out is its array of features.  One of the biggest perks is the unit’s multi-connectivity capability that enables it to be connected with ordinary analogue lines, mobile phones, wireless DECT-enabled handsets and to personal computers via a USB.  It can also be connected with extra microphones, wireless headsets and PA systems.  These connections are made simple with the line selector that enables seamless switching between sources.konftel300_large

Another plus the Konftel 300 has going for it is a built-in function that allows you to record and playback audio.  With this feature your conference calls can be recorded and saved with an SD card, enabling the audio files to be transferred to a PC.  This is perhaps one if its most treasured features as it gives you the ability to quickly archive important conferences or email them to your associates.  The Konftel 300 comes equipped with the Conference Guide which lends a helping hand with setting things up.  It provides assistance for initiating multi-user calls by letting you store essential details on up to 20 groups.  The manufacturer also makes the claim that its super-functional unit is equipped for the future and promises that new features will be developed frequently, stating that upgrades can be obtained via simple and fast downloads as soon as they are released.

No Slouch on Sound

The Konftel 300 tempts you right from the box with its appealing design.  Extreme compatibility and an extensive feature set means you can use it almost anywhere.  At the same time, all of this is meaningless if it can’t produce stellar sound quality.  Fortunately, the people at Konftel haven’t forgot all about the basics and has this area covered.  The 300 is packed with the manufacturer’s proprietary OmniSound technology, giving it the power to automatically filter out background noise.  It also offers an equalizer that can be used to adjust the sound pitch from soft, hard or neutral.  This is all topped off with three speakers and a powerful microphone specifically designed for larger conference rooms.


Is it really the world’s best conference phone?  Quite possibly it is. Although, everybody has their favorite brand or some are more interested in aesthetics than functionality.   However, if you are currently shopping for a new audio conference unit, this one is certainly worth looking into.