Audio quality is one of those things with minimal barrier to entry and endless possibilities. It is also subjective, so what set of gaming headsets produces the best sound for one person may not necessarily yield the same results with another. That said, you really cannot not miss out on something of higher quality, and that is what the Plantronics Gamecom 388 gives you. Whether you are playing a competitive game, watching a movie, or enjoying yourself in an open world, the exceptional audio quality offered by Plantronics 388 adds to that experience.

Immersive Sound Experience

The Gamecom 388 delivers immersive sound by combining clear treble and thumping bass from its 40mm speakers, whether you are playing your favourite game or listening to music. It comes equipped with on-ear volume controls so you can easily adjust the volume or mute the microphone without being distracted from the game.

Besides the brilliant sound quality, the Gamecom 388 has an elegant design, it is easy to use, and offers a wide range of functionality to suit a variety of user needs. The noise-cancelling microphone eliminates all background noise so your team can hear your commands clearly without any noise. The design incorporates superhero-strength cords and joints to increase the life of your headset, while the built-in axis spin joints let the ear-cups lay flat for easy and convenient storage when taking a break during competitive matches.

Nice looks and more

Good gaming headsets should have a nice look, be functional, and comfortable, and the Gamecom 388 features plush, comfortable ear cushions and headbands, making it the ideal headset for extended sessions of gaming, making PC voice calls, watching videos, and listening to music. The square-shape ear-cups go entirely over the ears without touching them, so your ears are not squashed.

According to multiple user reviews, the Gamecom 388 is an excellent product that offers good value for money, though you may need a few days to get used to their weight if you are not familiar with previous Plantronics models. There are other popular gaming headsets that offer similar features but at exorbitant prices, like the Turtle Beach Seven, Astro A-Series, and Sennheiser PC-Series.

Plantronics Gamecom 780

The Turtle Beach series

Turtle Beach is among the leaders in PC gaming headsets, but their Seven series is their best headset in the market, offering an 8-speaker system that delivers 5.1 surround sound, a brilliant design with multiple connectors and attachments, and separate USB channels for both Mac and PC, so you can control game and chat sound levels separately.

While there are many hard contenders in the headsets industry, the Plantronics Gamecom 388 is built for quality, comfort, and affordability, making it hard to top.