Aside from the obvious issue of efficiency, one of the hottest topics as it relates to the modern work environment is focused on balancing a healthy home and work life.  What better area to start with than the workplace itself?  We all know that even the easiest job can be quite strenuous.  Simple tasks such as filing paperwork, sending email and talking on the phone is repetitious and can lead to anxiety over time.  So how can we minimize the level of mental anguish and gradual physical ailments that come along with the everyday work environment?  Many companies have discovered a viable solution in the wireless headset.

Reducing the Pain and Frustration

Although we unconsciously drag ourselves into the office every morning, most of us desire and deserve a certain level of freedom when punching the clock to perform on company time.  According to a recent independent study conducted by KRC, nearly 50% of office workers between the ages of 20 to 30 feel as if they are literally confined to their desk.

Furthermore, it showed that 80%s of the 750 employees involved believed that today’s work environment calls for a greater ability to handle multiple tasks than the previous five years.  The same number of employees also stated that such freedoms suited to their ideal working preference would not only improve health, but productivity in the office as well.  Sponsored by Plantronics, a leading manufacturer in wireless headsets, the message to be taken from this study is that workers need more freedom in order to perform more efficiently.

Breaking the Chains

While employees will probably never be 100% satisfied, the chains can be broken, all by cutting the phone cord that keeps you attached to your desk.  The corded phone is no longer a necessity with inventions such as the wireless headset. This technology gives you the power to roam freely throughout the office - some products cover a range of up to 100 meters from the desk.

Apart from allowing you to branch out from the desk and discover areas of the office you may have not known existed, a wireless headset boosts productivity by working in harmony with a range of mobile devices.  For instance, the more advanced units are equipped with Bluetooth technology, enabling connections to ordinary land lines, mobile phones, PDAs and even PCs.  This capability couples freedom with access to essential tools that may be needed to maximize the effectiveness of your communications.

Grasp Your Freedom

The research performed by KRC only covered a select group of employees but surely speaks volumes on the part of workers throughout the globe.  They want equipment to support the technological advances that have essentially made the workplace more stressful.  Although wireless headsets do not solve all of the problems, they are definitely a major part of the solution.