As communications technology has excelled to new heights, most people have heard of audio conferencing, while many have participated in a call themselves.  Companies both small and large have realized the benefits that come along with audio conferencing technology which is essentially changing the way business communications are handled.  No longer do they need to shell out travel expenses for sending employees from country to country just to attend a meeting - it can all be done from the corporate office or better yet, right at home.  Everybody wins in this scenario as traveling expenses are almost eliminated and all parties can communicate efficiently without restrictions.

Ahead of the Game

When it comes to audio conference phone systems, Konftel is leading the way, always raising the bar to deliver products that enhance business communications.  This company is constantly introducing new technologies to provide consumers with experiences as close to face to face conferencing as possible.

Konftel recently launched what the company reports to be the first conference phone to ever support wireless headsets - the Konftel 200.  This unit simultaneously transmits audio from its microphone and headset, providing you with a greater level of flexibility.  Konftel’s groundbreaking conference phone system offers the best of both worlds with liberty and efficiency.

Check out the Range

Depending on the nature of the business, the average conference call could easily involve participant in the double digits.  The Konftel 200 is suited for small to medium sized conferences, covering up to 320 square feet in range to support the voice of everyone in the room.  The unit’s range can be extended up to 700 square feet with the addition of expansion microphones.  Even more, its wireless capability supports voice away from the reception area, a feature that is particularly useful when someone needs to put a little more emphasis into the presentation.

Face to Face Sound Quality

Its only fitting that the Konftel 200 would come packing a few existing Konftel technologies.  One of them is the built-in OmniSound system, a feature that effectively picks up audio and delivers crystal clear, natural reproduction.  This is all made possible with the unit’s ultra-sensitive microphone and three integrated speakers.  Other perks include a large illuminated display for navigating through your menu options.  There is also an internal  phonebook that allows you to store up to 50 numbers and a flash key that enables multi-party calls.   The expansion microphones, headset and remote control are add-on accessories that will undoubtedly set you back further, but really bring out the unit’s true functionality as well.

Simple Sophistication

The Konftel is indeed complex on the surface yet very easy to connect and get going.  It can be connected to an analog PBX or PSTN and comes with the cabling needed to establish a wireless headset connection.  Anyone familiar with Konftel’s previous lineup will recognize this unit as a winner.