If you're fed up with nuisance callers, then we've got some good news for you. This month, the government has banned the man behind two of the nations biggest spam call companies from running a business until 2027.

Richard Jones was formerly the director of UK-based companies Your Money Rights Limited and Miss-Sold Products UK Ltd. Between them, the two companies made a staggering 221 million nuisance calls in just a five-month period. To make things worse, all of these calls were automated messages. This explains how the companies were able to make so many of them in that time- and why they targeted people who hadn't consented to these types of calls.

To make matters worse, these messages didn't include a company name or contact information. This made it much harder to track the source of the calls. Mr Jones clearly thought that he could get away with bending the rules on unsolicited calls. But he hadn't counted on just how fed up people are with these irritating intrusions on their daily life.


Taken Out of Action

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) received hundreds of complaints about these automated calls, leading to two separate investigations. According to the ICO, they attempted to reach out to both the companies and Mr Jones directly, but their attempts to do so were "thwarted".

Initially, Your Money Rights was issued with a £350,000 fine. However, this went unpaid, leading to the company being liquidated in March 2018. The same thing happened with Miss-Sold Products; they were also hit with a £350,000 fine, and went into liquidation in June of the same year. This led to a further investigation into Mr Jones by the Insolvency Service. They found him to be directly responsible for that incredible volume of spam calls- which ultimately led to the ban from directorship.

This is good news for the general public. Such a high-profile case should discourage at least a few companies from bombarding innocent people with nuisance calls. What's more, taking out these two companies has stopped them from making potentially billions more of these calls.


The Fight Doesn't End Here

Unfortunately, though, statistics show that nuisance calls are still on the rise. In fact, we're likely to see a significant increase in them over the next few months. August marks the final deadline for PPI claims. Companies who deal with these claims will therefore be looking to ramp up their outreach in one last big push. And once the PPI deadline has passed, those same companies will immediately start looking for fresh opportunities. We don't know what they will go after next- which will make it harder for the authorities to crack down on them in the short-term.

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