Bluetooth headsets definitely offer a lot of convenience and hands-free possibilities, which allow you to continue your conversation without breaking away from other tasks that require your attention. But how is the call quality? Many actually make the claim that a Bluetooth headset can improve your call quality! Is this true? Let's investigate.

All About The Hardware

When trying to figure out if a Bluetooth headset could result in better call quality, we need to compare the hardware of the phone and the Bluetooth headset. Since this information isn't often released, and even if it was, it would probably be quite something to try to draw any conclusions from it, it will essentially come down to comparison.

Plantronics M70 Bluetooth Headset

If your phone has issues with the microphone or speaker, or simply uses low quality parts, it is possible that a Bluetooth headset might help to alleviate these issues. If you buy a high quality Bluetooth headset, it might come equipped with better hardware than exists in your phone. In both of these cases, the net result would be better call quality.

How Common Is This, Really?

Since both phones and Bluetooth headsets can vary widely from manufacturer to manufacturer, it is almost impossible to say if, on average, a Bluetooth headset will provide better quality. If you have an exceptional phone, such as one of Gigaset’s flagship Bluetooth cordless phones, the headset might provide reduced quality as compared to the handsets built-in system, and vice versa if you have an exceptional headset.

Most users tend to find that Bluetooth headsets can make hearing the call easier, but this is largely due to the precisely placed speaker which interacts optimally with the ears natural acoustics. Some models of Bluetooth headsets try to incorporate a design where the microphone is not far from the ear, which can occasionally lead to a reduced capacity of the microphone, making it hard for the party on the other end of the line to hear. This is an important consideration when looking at Bluetooth headsets.

Limiting Factors

The only sure situation in which a Bluetooth headset will improve call quality is if there is an issue with your phones hardware, such as low quality speakers and other parts.

Plantronics Voyager Edge

Bluetooth headsets can't correct any issues which result from problems with your carrier or network issues. A Bluetooth headset is also limited by the quality of the Bluetooth hardware within the phone itself, which can occasionally be substandard or defective.

Final Verdict

In the end, the only way to really be sure if a Bluetooth headset will provide better call quality is to test it yourself. Each specific situation can vary widely, and it can ultimately be down to the results of personal preference.

In a special case: if you have a phone with known issues, such as the speaker cutting out, volume being too low, microphone malfunctioning, noise on the line, your voice cutting out while talking, random changes in volume and other issues. These could all be signs of hardware failure or defect which may potentially be alleviated by use of a Bluetooth headset with its own microphone.

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