The Wild & Wolf Lobby 300 is a replica of an old rotary style telephone. Unlike many replica reproductions, this particular selection was not made for its odd features, its rarity nor its scarcity – it was selected for exactly the opposite reasons. With the Lobby 300, we have a phone which was a truly ubiquitous part of the 1930's and 1940's.

Inspired By The Classic

At a glance, the Lobby 300 is a pretty faithful replica in terms of aesthetics. But pick up the phone or operate it and, if you've ever used the classic model its based on, you'll immediately notice some modernisations. These changes and details make for a much more user-friendly device and overall make the Lobby 300 a pleasure to own and operate.

Unlike the original model, which was made out of dense metals and extremely heavy, the Lobby 300 is made of lightweight yet durable modern plastics and a striking chrome finish. Quite nice on the eyes, the Lobby 300 is also easy to operate. The old-school rotary dial has been done away with for a modern touch tone key pad, but it is arranged in the classic style reminiscent of a true rotary dial, making the phone appear to be a rotary device at first glance.


A Functional And Aesthetically Pleasing Device

The Lobby 300 is more than equipped to be your main home phone. It looks great in a retro-themed room or even just a regular household. An ideal way to inject a bit of old-school flair into your decor, the Lobby 300 is a decoration with a purpose.

Jump in your very own way back machine and pick a Wild & Wolf Lobby 300 this holiday season for a nostalgic gift or as a great item for collectors or old fashion fanatics.