It's that time again! Time to infuse your musical vocabulary with a few suggestions courtesy of liGo's authors. Below, we'll take a brief look at four songs which have made their mark on our listening habits this week.

Adam's Pick: Radiohead – “Morning Mr. Magpie”

Personally, I've always been into Radiohead, since I first encountered their music in the form of the album OK Computer way back during the tail end of the 90's. For the uninitiated, Radiohead's albums create an impressively unique and ear-catching sound scape which incorporates diverse elements from a wide variety of musical styles, fusing together electronic and acoustic instruments into something genre-defining.

Their unique sound has managed to penetrate through each of their albums, even into their most recent endeavours like their King of Limbs album, which plays host to his selection, “Morning Mr. Magpie.” This track immediately invokes a classic Radiohead feel with its distorted guitars and electronic backing, pierced by Thom Yorke's brilliant vocal work.

Craig's Pick: deadmau5 - “Terrors In My Head”

House music is a genre which is often prone to being extremely repetitive and stale, great for busting a move on the dance floor but maybe a bit of a drag to listen to alone or for its musical content. However, even not being the biggest fan of house and EDM (Electronic Dance Music,) I find deadmau5's work intriguing.

While repetitive and holding true to many of the cliches of the electronic music scene, deadmau5 manages to inject enough interesting content and variation into each cadence and change to bring about something that is entirely listenable and danceable. I find myself coming to tracks like “Terrors In My Head” just as a piece of listening – an ideal bit of ambiance mixed with an enjoyable beat to keep me grooving.

Daniela's Pick: The Crystal Method - “Over it”

It's hard to say if I've ever heard anything quite like “Over it,” which blends some really crazy electronic sounds into a highly danceable beat which always leaves me head bobbin'.

The Crystal Method is the brain child of two electronic music innovators, Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland. Although I just recently got hooked on their innovative forays into electronic compositions, they have been collaborating to develop the never-before-heard sounds capes of The Crystal Method since the early 90's.

Max's Pick: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - “Wings”

With his clean and remarkably hip delivery of hard-hitting lyrics over the backdrop of an always fresh hip hop stylings. Macklemore has become not only a musical act but a cultural force in the minds of his fans. A great example both of his musical prowess and his ability to make an effective statement is “Wing$” - a piece innovative in its direction, concept, and results.

Driven by the intriguing rhythm delivered simply yet effectively and punctuated by clever instrumental selections is the songs overarching story of a young boy's quest to define himself through consumerism. Macklemore's touching delivery takes us on a journey which, by the songs end, has left us a little bit more introspective about ourselves and the world we live in.