Hey everyone! Once again it's time for our weekly picks of the four best songs which are kicking around somewhere near the top of our authors playlists.

Craig's Pick: The Black Keys - “Have Love, Will Travel”

The Black Keys have gotten pretty popular as of late, and their new sound has branched off a bit into something a little less rough than their earlier days, which I totally dig. But, for whatever reason (maybe I'm a bit of a retrofreak?) I still can't get enough of their early stuff, like this blood-and-guts-rough-around-the-edges kick ass blues take from their 2003 release Thickfreakness.

Something about Dan Auberach's sparse heavily distorted blues guitar being perfectly complimented by his somewhat mournful voice keeps me coming back every time. There is something about the stink of a guitar turned up too loud, so distorted it sounds like someone kicked in the speaker cone (those good, warbly vibrations) that piques my ears up every time.

Adam's Pick: Jimi Hendrix - “Hear My Train A Comin'” (GlobulDub Remix)

Okay, so maybe picking something so incredibly classic seems cheap – but hang on guys, bear with me! This take of “Hear My Train A Comin'” is off a recent post-humous release featuring previously unreleased recordings the late guitar god/cultural icon/coolest man (alien?) to ever walk the planet. On People, Hell And Angels, (2013) I found myself treated to 12 tracks, 52 minutes of previously never-before-heard Hendrix. For me, as an incorrigible Hendrix fanatic, “Hear My Train A Comin'” has always been something of an anthem, an incredible modernisation and electrification of the blues.

Hendrix's guitar oozes style, feel, and packs an incredible punch every time. Running deep with massive grooves, while teasing intricacies from the instrument virtually unheard of from the day, Hendrix and his band truly provide a jaw-dropping experience no worse for wear for the ages, making this modern post-humous an amazing historical portrait as well as a brilliantly entertaining album.

Daniela's Pick: Dave Matthews Band - “Shake Me Like A Monkey”

Apparently, I am not the only one who finds the vibes coming from Dave Matthews Band entirely electrifying, as evidenced by their vast following at their spectacular live performances. My pick this week is the 2nd track off their latest studio release Big Whiskey And The Groogrux King. “Shake Me Like A Monkey” is an up-tempo song which makes me want to hop up and party every time I hear it – one of the qualities of DMB which has made me a devoted fan throughout the years.

Showcasing the unique sound which has been refined over the years of touring and taking some cues from the ethos of the improvisational jam band, “Shake Me Like A Monkey” is a thrill ride of superb musicianship well honed with long years of practice as a cohesive unit.

Max's Pick: Guthrie Govan - “Wonderful Slippery Thing”

Guthrie Govan is unequivocally one of the most fantastic guitarists performing and recording today. His mastery of the electric guitar refuses to be confined to a single genre or style. Each time I hear him play, he seems to move flawlessly from a wide variety of motifs, each time providing a beautiful and soulful result.

Managing to pack the exceptional speed of a well-practised veteran into incredible lines with a melodic density worthy of great composers, Govan's insane shred maintains groove, innovation and brilliance. “Wonderful Slippery Thing” is a great example – moving seamlessly through jazz, rock, and intriguing sections all Govan's own.

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