We'll have a quick rundown on what the four of us (Craig, Adam, Daniela and Max) are listening to this week! These are the tracks that we just can't seem to get enough of!

Craig's Pick: Little Tybee - “For Distant Viewing”

Little Tybee is an innovative group which combines some diverse elements into a breath taking new sound. Described as progressive folk, experimental rock, indie rock and even occasionally psychedelic rock, the band manages to merge all these influences and more into a cohesive whole which presents a highly enjoyable listening experience.

A chief example of this is the title track from their self-released album “For Distant Viewing,” which blends beautiful vocals, imaginative storytelling and highly creative and talented musicianship with a unique approach to music and a highly original yet refined sound. This week, I find myself utterly captivated by the combination of “For Distant Viewing” and my Sennheiser HD202 Headphones, leading me to five minutes of pure sonic bliss whenever I feel the need.

Adam’s Pick: CHON - “Knot”

From the first notes of “Knot” I find myself feeling strangely at home somewhere between the beautifully harmonious guitars. CHON is a band where instrumental virtuosity is on display immediately, blending together rhythm and harmony seamlessly into a package which takes you on a sonic journey you can still rock out too.

I find myself drawn repeatedly into the sound and seem to find something I missed every time I queue the song up.

Daniela's Pick: The Winery Dogs - “Time Machine”

“Time Machine” has that bit of heavy riffing that gets me through the day, with some brilliant lyrics by Richie Kotzen which never fail to remind me of an Audioslave-era Chris Cornell. The whole song is rounded off by the powerhouse drumming of Mike Portnoy (of Dream Theater and Liquid Tension Experiment fame,) the groovy-spooky-funky bass flying effortlessly from Billy Sheehans fingers and some intriguing guitar work in Kotzen's wah-fueled soloing. This is definitely a track to keep me going throughout the day.

Max's Pick: Animals As Leaders - “Tooth And Claw”

If you're like me, you need something heavy and dense to really get in the groove. “Tooth And Claw” is all that and more – with a brilliance of melodic complexity operating alongside some of the heaviest tones ever to make their way onto a recording.

“Tooth And Claw” showcases incredible guitar chops in the form of intense shredding, but also experimentally explores the lower register of the 8-string guitars employed by the band, leading to a sort of funky, djenty metal sound which I find gets the blood pumping in all the right places. Ripe with the driving rhythms and unexpected leaps of genius which define Animals As Leaders, “Tooth And Claw” is a piece I think will have a place in my “recently played” for a long time to come.

Tune in next week for more inside talk with liGo and in case you were looking to boost your own sound experience - check out our headphones selection.