Below, we'll examine four musical selections from each of our authors here at the LiGo blog. Each tune has been selected for its ability to keep us coming back for more and remain an interesting journey every time.

Craig's Pick: Plini - “Selenium Forest”

A little known, entirely independent act, Plini is the brain child of a 22-year old guitarist and composer from Australia. Each track showcases an exceptional mastery of the guitar, combined with unique and engaging compositions often beautifully decorating Plini's monster guitar riffs. “Selenium Forest” takes us on a six-minute adventure with beautiful tones and a bit of explorative heavy riffing – always tastefully and exceptionally well complimented by the sort of jazzy underbelly which lurks in the rhythm section.

Adams Pick: Zappa Plays Zappa - “Zomby Woof” by Asphalt Orchestra

While Frank Zappa's music may have become a little grey in the whiskers these days, it remains no less of a stunning musical journey and a glimpse into the mind of one of the most brilliant minds to ever set themselves to recording. In Zappa Plays Zappa, the legacy of stunning live shows jam-packed with the practically absurd feats of musicianship which assert themselves with such inspiration in Zappa's compositions is carried on by his son Dweezil Zappa and a host of Frank's old band members. Included in the returning line up is neigh-unrivaled guitar wizard Steve Vai, whose guitar insanity renders this rocking live performance of “Zomby Woof” one of the most exciting things ever committed to record.

Max's Pick: This Town Needs Guns - “Baboon”

This Town Needs Guns is an experiment in a genre sometimes calling itself “math rock” - taking something from the traditional sounds of classic and indie rock, math rock seeks to integrate some of these tropes with a bit of science and mathematics. The result is a brilliant journey, resounding with interesting rhythms and beautiful harmonies. “Baboon” is a selection from This Town Needs Guns' concept album “Animals,” which invokes the character of different creatures through sound and story telling.

I find myself turning back to “Baboon” over and over again, with my listening experience aided by a pair of Plantronics Audio 995 Headset – which provides more than enough fidelity for a quality listening experience and still allows me to remain in touch thanks to its microphone and unrestrained from a speaker cord thanks to its wireless Bluetooth capabilities.

Daniel's Pick: Chimp Spanner - “Dark Age Of Technology”

Combining an exceptionally precise rhythmic backing with odd meters, interesting harmonic ideas and virtuoso guitar work, Chimp Spanner is the work of multi-instrumentalist Paul Antonio Ortiz, an artist whose careful attention to detail and unyielding desire to make an exciting recording really shine through on “Dark Age Of Technology.” The interesting takes on old metal clichés define Chimp Spanner as a project truly worthy of the description progressive metal.

Tune in next week for more inside talk with liGo and in case you were looking to boost your own sound experience – check out our headphones selection.