It's time again to take a taste of our authors favourite ear candy this week.

Daniela's Pick: Lana Del Rey - “West Coast”

Lana Del Rey's incredible voice is the driving force behind her growing contingent of hit songs. Modulating through a variety of beautiful timbres, her voice channels everything from a shimmering whisper to a soul-wrenching shriek. On “West Coast” we find her wistfully singing a story about life on America's west coast, highlighted here and there with her unmistakably ear-catching laments.

Adam's Pick: Rodrigo y Gabriela - “The Russian Messenger”

Rodrigo y Gabriela is a Mexican guitar duo, which at first glance might seem quite simple. But what this massively talented duo represent is a chance for something of a return to simplicity – embracing the origins of music, we find Rodrigo y Gabriela equipped with nothing more than two acoustic guitars and a virtuoso musicality. Using a variety of techniques which incorporate everything from percussive tapping to metal-esque shredding and rounded off by masterful Flamenco skills, “The Russian Messenger” is an epic journey not to be missed.

Craig's Pick: Intervals - “Epiphany”

Packed with the driving rhythms and massive flights of musical prowess which define Intervals, this track is a somewhat mellow jaunt through some progressive metal territory, rounded off with a few heavy-hitting section and tastefully decorated the whole way through with hot licks.

Max's Pick: DJ Snake & Lil John - “Turn Down For What”

Has a noise more infectious ever been recorded than the bursting, glorious everbloom which is “Turn Down For What?” With its penetrating beat and unforgettable chorus, this is an ear bug I can't seem to exterminate this week. I find myself queueing it up for repeat listening sessions just sitting about, or even an ideal track to get the party started.