Looking for something new to listen to? Maybe we can help. Take a look below at some of the musical selections from our authors for this iteration of What We're Listening To This Week.

Adam's Pick: Fences (featuring Macklemore & Ryan Lewis) - “Arrows”

This neat poppy little tune features recent hip hop superstar Macklemore, but the sound is mostly true to the neat little melodies and catchy lyrics which drive the band Fences. But mid-song, we find a breakdown and welcome the familiar voice of Macklemore spitting rhymes to inflect a bit of hip hop into the verse, accompanied by a neat bit of distorted guitar before hitting the next chorus.

I find myself returning to this selection quite a bit lately, even though it is a bit more pop than my tastes usually go for, I find it to be a nice blend of sounds and overall a nice light yet engaging tune.

Craig's Pick: The Contortionist - “Language I: Intuition” & “Language II: Conspire”

My pick this week is a pretty large piece, but I can't get enough of it! I've listening to this combo of songs at least twice a day since I discovered it a few weeks ago. A part of The Contortionists' larger concept album, “Language,” these two tracks named for the album comprise an epic journey through a variety of soundscapes ripe with delicious sonic fruits – ambient trancey rock, beautiful vocals, brilliant guitar work, head-banging heavy metal and more.

The track also features some of the most effective and best-sounding scream vocals I've ever heard, something which became quite popular in the metal scene but never really tripped my trigger. On “Language I,” the first time the scream track played through my headphones, brilliantly mixed with the other vocals in a not-too-overpowering balance, I found my skin crawling!

Daniela's Pick: Meghan Trainor - “All About That Bass”

Lately, this song is everywhere. It's no wonder why: Meghan Trainor's voice combined with this catchy beat and super-modern production leads to an infectious blend which is easy to find yourself ideally tapping your foot to, or engaging enough to dance. The songs empowering message and incredibly stuck-in-your-head chorus really round off “All About That Bass” and make it a track I just can't get away from.

Max's Pick: Atoms For Peace - “Before Your Very Eyes”

From Atoms For Peace 2013 release is this neat little track with a groove that seems to drift organically from the band. The sound is quite interesting, as are the groups origins. Atoms For Peace is something of a super group, consisting of Radiohead vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist, electronic music programmer and composer Thom Yorke, bassist Flea of Red Hot Chili Pepper fame, drummer Joey Waronker (a veteran of R.E.M and Beck,) and rounded off by the work of percussinonist Mauro Refosco, previously from Forro In The Dark.

Radioheads producer Nigel Godrich also took part in the making of the album, helping with programming and production. With Nigel and Thom being heavily involved, we do find something which quite resembles a Radiohead release, but with some key intricacies and differences brought out by the different band structure. It is an interesting and engaging experience to take a peak inside the minds of these massively talented artists.

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