DAB radios have come a long way over the last 15 years. Since the technology first took off, it has risen to become the number one choice for radio lovers. Not only is the reception far superior to FM, but there are also plenty more stations to choose from.

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But radio is only one side of the story. Many models also include Bluetooth functionality, so you can take full control of the music. Yet with so much choice, how can you tell which is the right model for you? Read on, and we’ll set out the very best DAB radios with Bluetooth, with choices to suit every budget.


1. VQ Retro Mini Bluetooth DAB Radio


  • Eye-catching retro design
  • Powerful sound from a small body
  • 60 station preset options
  • Add 4 AA batteries to make it fully portable

For sheer value for money, the VQ Retro Mini makes the top of our list. It’s easy to see why this DAB radio with Bluetooth is one of the most popular on the market today. With a striking 80s-inspired design, available in a range of different colours, the Retro Mini certainly lives up to its name. However, there’s nothing retro about how this speaker sounds. Thanks to a powerful 10W driver, it can comfortably handle a whole range of music and speech stations.

What's more, the VQ Retro Mini is portable, too. There's no need for an add-on battery pack- just pop 4 AA batteries in the back, and you're ready to go. That's definitely a welcome feature in a Bluetooth speaker, since you'll probably want to move it around your home or take it out into the garden when the sun is shining. Many DAB radios at this price point lack any Bluetooth connectivity, making it great value for money.


2. VQ Monty Bluetooth DAB Radio with Battery Pack


  • High sensitivity DAB & FM tuner
  • Untreated wood casing for a superb Scandi-style look
  • Built-in USB charging port
  • Includes battery pack for portable listening

Up next is another entry from VQ: the Monty. Unlike the Retro Mini, this model comes with a smart wooden casing in a very modern style. It's sound quality is also noticeably stronger than its smaller sibling. That's largely thanks to a feature called Analogue Sound Processing. This is essentially a high-tech EQ system built in to the Monty itself, which aims to replicate the warm, rich tones of vinyl. We found that it really does live up to that claim, putting it a step ahead of the average Bluetooth speaker.

Like the Retro Mini, the VQ Monty can also be made portable. However, you'll need a special battery pack to do this, which adds a little to the final cost. For that reason, we've only put the Monty second on this list- but it's still a superb choice for radio fans and Bluetooth speaker shoppers alike.


3. Revo SuperSignal Bluetooth DAB Radio

Revo SuperSignal Bluetooth

  • Wireless streaming with Qualcomm® aptX™ technology
  • High quality 2.4 inch graphical OLED display
  • Intuitive joystick driven user interface
  • Dual alarm with Sleep and Snooze functions

If money is no object, then it makes sense to choose the very best. When it comes to DAB radios with Bluetooth, that means the Revo SuperSignal. With a stunning retro-futurist form, it’s sure to appeal to both hifi aficionados and design lovers alike. Meanwhile, some seriously impressive audio components make the SuperSignal one of the best-sounding DAB radios out there. Its compact size belies that mighty sound profile, and allows you to place it just about anywhere. Whether beside your bed or on your bookshelf, you can easily slot the SuperSignal wherever you need it- and enjoy crystal-clear sound throughout your home.

There’s more to the SuperSignal than meets the eye, though. As well as a DAB radio, it’s also a Bluetooth speaker with aptX technology. Normally, sound files lose some of their clarity when transmitted over Bluetooth. With aptX, though, that’s not the case. Audio is sent across in CD-like quality, allowing you to get the most from your speaker. And when the Revo SuperSignal already sounds so exquisite, this is the icing on the cake.


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