DAB radios have come a long way over the last 15 years. Since the technology first took off, it has risen to become the number one choice for radio lovers. Not only is the reception far superior to FM, but there are also plenty more stations to choose from.

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But radio is only one side of the story. Many models also include Bluetooth functionality, so you can take full control of the music. Yet with so much choice, how can you tell which is the right model for you? Read on, and we’ll set out the very best DAB radios with Bluetooth, with choices to suit every budget.


Best DAB Radio with Bluetooth Under £200: Revo SuperSignal

Revo SuperSignal Bluetooth

The Revo SuperSignal is a DAB radio with Bluetooth that really does sound as good as it looks. With a stunning retro-futurist form, it’s sure to appeal to both hifi aficionados and design lovers alike. Meanwhile, some seriously impressive audio components make the SuperSignal one of the best-sounding DAB radios out there. Its compact size belies that mighty sound profile, and allows you to place it just about anywhere. Whether beside your bed or on your bookshelf, you can easily slot the SuperSignal wherever you need it- and enjoy crystal-clear sound throughout your home.

There’s more to the SuperSignal than meets the eye, though. As well as a DAB radio, it’s also a Bluetooth speaker with aptX technology. Normally, sound files lose some of their clarity when transmitted over Bluetooth. With aptX, though, that’s not the case. Audio is sent across in CD-like quality, allowing you to get the most from your speaker. And when the Revo SuperSignal already sounds so exquisite, this is the icing on the cake.

Buy Revo SuperSignal from £189.99


Best DAB Radio with Bluetooth Under £150: Pure Evoke H3

Pure Evoke H3 Bluetooth

For those with a slightly smaller budget, the best DAB radio with Bluetooth is undoubtedly the Pure Evoke H3. Formed back in 2002, Pure have been around since the earliest days of DAB. Thanks to all that experience, they certainly know a thing or two about how to build a solid DAB radio- and the Evoke H3 is no exception. With a distinctive design (like the SuperSignal, it comes with a wooden body), intuitive controls, and colour display, it certainly has a lot going for it. While the audio quality isn’t quite up there with the Revo SuperSignal, it is still a solid performer- especially for the price.

The Evoke H3 also comes with a full-colour screen. This is a nice touch, since it adds an extra visual element to your listening experience. Many DAB stations are now including album artwork in their broadcasts, so you’ll be able to make the most of this feature with the H3. What's more, the control panel on the top is remarkably easy to use. Everything you need is right at your fingertips, and there are an impressive 40 preset slots to fill up with your favourites.

Buy Pure Evoke H3 from £144.99


Best DAB Radio with Bluetooth Under £300: Revo SuperConnect

Revo SuperConnect Bluetooth

If you’ve got a little bit more to spend, then it makes sense to go for the best you can get. The Revo SuperConnect certainly meets this criteria. It’s one of the very best DAB radios with Bluetooth on the market, but offers so much more than just those features. For one thing, it boasts Revo’s trademark audio wizardry, outshining even their own superb SuperSignal. With a larger-scale speaker, it can comfortably fill medium-sized rooms, making it the ideal living-room companion. And again, it includes aptX Bluetooth for lossless streaming, which makes all the difference on such a high-clarity speaker.

The real difference here is the presence of internet radio. If you thought that DAB was already a serious step up from FM in terms of choice, then internet radio blows it out of the water. With a choice of over 30,000 stations from across the globe, there’s so much to explore here. What’s more, the Revo SuperConnect is remarkably easy to use, so you can quickly search for stations by name, genre, or location. If you really want to get the most out of your radio, then we can’t recommend the SuperConnect highly enough.

Buy Revo SuperConnect from £299.95


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