Thanks to the rise of smartphones, we’re now living in a truly interconnected age. VoIP fits in with this- so how can the humble landline keep up? It might seem like the writing is on the wall for traditional home phones, but a revolutionary new device is out to change all that. Enter the Invoxia Voice Bridge!

This handy piece of tech gives you full access to your landline on the go. That means you can make and receive calls from just about anywhere, all on your home phone number. So just what is the Invoxia Voice Bridge, and how does it work? Read on, and all will be explained…

Voice Bridge

What is Invoxia Voice Bridge?

You might expect a device that links your landline to your mobile to be quite complicated, with all sorts of wires to connect and setup menus to navigate. Luckily,  that couldn’t be further from the truth. Open up the Voice Bridge box, and you’ll find that there’s just a single, simple hub to set up. In fact, it’s so easy that we can talk you through it right now.

In order to work, the Voice Bridge needs to be plugged into your landline and a power source, and connected up to your home WiFi. With that done, all that’s left is to download the Invoxia app on your smartphone or tablet of choice- it supports both iOS and Android devices. From there, pair up with the hub, and you’re all set. See- we told you it was easy!

Up to five different devices can be synced to a single Invoxia Voice Bridge, so the whole family can make full use of it. Not only does it let you take incoming calls from your mobile, but it also allows you to make outgoing calls from your landline number from any of those five devices, too. It really is like having your home phone in your pocket!

How Invoxia Voice Bridge Works

What makes the Voice Bridge stand out from the crowd?

Other, similar services often come with a monthly fee, but not so with the Invoxia Voice Bridge. Once the device is all set up and synced to your smartphone, there’s nothing to pay other than the standard cost of calls with your phone provider. The only cost involved is the price of the Voice Bridge itself.

It’s also different in that it truly links your landline to your mobile. Some other devices claim to do this, but in reality they only forward incoming calls. The Voice Bridge, though, allows both your home and mobile phone to ring simultaneously, so you can choose which one to pick up. This is great news if you’re one of the many people who prefer cordless phones for use at home. It’s for just that reason that we also offer the Voice Bridge bundled with some of our most popular cordless phones, as well as a standalone product. 


Who will benefit the most from the Voice Bridge?

We know just how annoying poor mobile signal at home can be. If you happen to live in a signal black spot, then just how are you supposed to use your smartphone if you need to make calls? Not to worry, though, as the Voice Bridge is the perfect solution to this problem. Using the Invoxia app, you can use your landline directly through your mobile- all at no extra cost! It’s also a solid choice for those who regularly go over their monthly minutes on their mobile bundle. Don’t pay extra when you don’t have to- instead, Voice Bridge lets you take advantage of the generally lower cost of landline calls, but without tying you to your house.

The Voice Bridge is also a great choice for small business owners. If you’re often away from the office, then you’ll know what a pain it can be to come back to an answering machine full of missed calls. With the Voice Bridge, though, you can always keep your main business number right there in your pocket so you’re always available to customers and suppliers. It’s also handy for when you need to make business calls, but want to keep your mobile number private.

Really, though, anyone can benefit from the Voice Bridge. It's useful to have that extra convenience when it comes to taking calls, and it also means that people can reach you when they need to, even if you happen to be away from home. Once you see for yourself just how useful the Invoxia Voice Bridge is, you'll wonder how you ever got by without it!


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