Choosing the right cordless phone can be tricky. With so many options out there, how do you narrow down your options? For most people, sticking with a single brand makes things a little easier. But of course, this can be a good thing or a bad thing- it all depends on the brand in question.

At liGo, we like to go beyond the manufacturer hype, and find out how products really perform. What better way of doing that than by asking the people who actually use them? We listen to every piece of customer feedback we receive, and carry out regular surveys of past and present customers. We also perform our own in-depth tests in the liGo lab, where we check every new cordless phone to hit the market. By staying on top of the very latest products, we can offer our customers only the very best in cordless phones.

In this post, we'll be taking a look at the three main cordless phones brands: BT, Gigaset, and Panasonic. Read on to discover which of them gets top marks from liGo!


1. Gigaset

Gigaset are the best cordless phones brand on the market by a country mile. While they may not be the cheapest models on the market, they are undoubtedly the best value for money- especially since they offer a 2-year warranty across their whole range.

What really sets Gigaset apart from the competition is their sound quality. They pride themselves on their HD sound quality, and we find that they more than live up to these claims. In fact, we've never come across a Gigaset phone that offered anything less than superb sound quality. Our customers agree, too- it's the one thing that they mention most in their reviews!

Gigaset Brand Cordless Phones

There's also a solid range on offer from Gigaset. Most other brands bulk out their portfolio with a lot of cheaper models that mainly offer much of the same. With Gigaset, though, there's genuinely something for everyone. From solid all-rounders like the C530A, to more premium models like the C570A and SL450A, there's a Gigaset handset to suit all needs and budgets. Nearly all of them come with a built-in answer machine, too, so you're getting that much more value for money.

Gigaset cordless phones are also great for intercompatibility. With most handsets, you can pair up different models to the same base, and they will all be fully compatible with each other. That's good news for those looking to expand their system further down the line.

One thing to mention is that their nuisance call blocking features are a little on the basic side. You have the option of blocking anonymous calls, and most Gigaset phones let you block a small selection of specific numbers. Many also come with a day/night mode, so that only VIP contacts can call between certain hours. This may be enough for many users, but it isn't the most comprehensive call blocking system out there.


2. Panasonic

While they aren't quite up there with Gigaset, Panasonic cordless phones are still a solid choice. With good sound performance and reliable build quality, there's a reason why Panasonic are one of the most popular cordless phones brands on the market.

Panasonic phones are somewhat intercompatible. Most Panasonic handsets will work with each other, so you can add them on to an existing system if needed. However, more advanced features likely won't work if you do this. For that reason, we normally advise customers against mixing and matching Panasonic handsets. Instead, it's better to stick with a single model- so you don't have the same flexibility that you get with Gigaset.

Panasonic PRS120

There's a decent amount of choice on offer from Panasonic, too. While most of their cordless phones are geared towards more budget-conscious customers, they still offer a few models for those looking to spend a little more. The Panasonic KX-TGH260, for instance, includes a clever Link2Mobile feature, so you can take and make mobile calls from the comfort of your cordless handset. The KX-PRW 120, meanwhile, offers a wide range of premium features, as well as a stunning design, at a slightly higher price tag.

Their nuisance call blocking is slightly above Gigaset, but still not all that advanced. Mostly, this amounts to the ability to block a few more numbers or prefixes. Again, this can prove to be more than adequate for many users, but doesn't offer watertight protection.


3. BT

Once upon a time, BT actually used to make pretty good cordless phones. However, those days are long gone. Now, their cordless phones are among the worst on the market. Certainly not what you'd expect from Britain's biggest telecoms giant!

The biggest issue here is the sound quality. BT cordless phones simply can't match up to competing brands, as their audio performance is far below average. Compare them side-by-side with another brand, and it's immediately clear that BT are lagging far behind. In tests, we often found it difficult to follow a conversation on the phone, even when both handsets were right next to their respective base stations.

BT6500 Cordless Phone

The build quality of BT cordless phones is also disappointing. Nowadays, nearly all cordless phones are made from plastic. But the materials used by BT are far inferior to those of other brands. Most models feel cheap and lightweight in the hand- far from a quality product. That poor quality has an impact on durability, too- we have more returns for broken BT phones than any other brand.

However, there is one area where BT cordless phones do outperform other brands, and that's nuisance call blocking. That's mostly because BT bought up a smaller company, TrueCall, to add this feature to their phones. The point remains, though, that BT have by far the best nuisance call blocking software on the market. Not only does it stop anonymous calls from getting through, it also takes the initiative to block suspicious numbers, too. In practise, they really do live up to their claim of stopping up to 100% of nuisance calls. It's just a shame that for actually making calls, BT phones really aren't up to standard.


The Best Brands for Cordless Phones: The Verdict

If you're looking for the best brand of cordless phones, then the choice is clear: Gigaset are by far the top choice. Their sound quality gets top marks from our experts and customers alike, and their handsets come loaded with handy features. Panasonic are a close second, with plenty of decent handsets to choose from, although their limited compatibility lets them down slightly. Finally, BT come bottom of our list, with their advanced call blocking software not enough to make up for their poor build and sound quality. For more information about any of the brands here, or advice on choosing the right handset for your needs, please don't hesitate to get in touch!


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