The top stories this week in technology. Our first in a new weekly article.

We can't start of an article about this week in technology without mentioning certain smartphones launching today.

Apple Launch


Announced last week, today is the official launch of the Apple iPhone 6 and 6-plus mobile phones.02

Featuring larger displays 4.7” and 5.5” respectively) this marks the first time apple will be launching into the large-screen market in an effort
to take on the Samsung Note and other large screen phones.

As usual queues were evident around every Apple store selling the product


Facebook Moves


The trend of fitness apps and wearable technology have not gone unnoticed by the social media giant Facebook. This week they announced the purchase of fitness tracking app “Moves”.

No doubt Facebook will be looking to help develop the product and improve it’s integration into the social media platform, although it’s likely the social network will initially utilise Move’s data for targeting ads.

Elementary My Dear Watson


IBM have made their famous supercomputer “Watson” available to businesses.

The cognitive platform is able to understand questions posed in natural language. This was shown on the Jeopardy special where, while not connected to the internet, the computer managed to complete and win the show. (admittedly it did have access to 200m pages of data and can analyse vast amount of information at incredible speed)

Watson Analytics, the name for the business project, is the latest step in IBM's $1bn investment in the platform. Watson has also been employed in the field of medicine to help understand virus patterns.

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