VOX is a feature that is commonly found in most higher-end consumer two-way radios. 2-way radios, or transceivers, allowing you to communicate (both transmit and receive content) with similar radios operating in the same radio channel.

Total Hands-free operation

Generally, most two-ways have two means of transmitting:

1. Press the push-to-talk function (PTT)

2. Simply start talking – when set up in VOX mode

VOX, which stands for Voice Activated Transmit is a feature that allows you to use your two-way radio hands-free. VOX type headsets keep the microphone active all the time, which means that the radio will automatically start transmitting when you speak.

cobra microtalk mt 975

If your voice communication system has VOX activated, it means that your radio automatically turns itself on when the user starts talking, and shuts off when there is no sound. On 2-way radios, this feature relieves you off the burden of having to push the microphone button when you want to start transmitting.

Sound Activation

VOX is sound activated; not just voice activated. This means that if for instance you are using your Motorola TLKR 60 in a very loud setting, it may pick up background noise and will be in constant transmit mode.

A lot of radio handsets are VOX compatible. Some come with a toggle switch to let you change between PTT and VOX usage. Since VOX is sound activated, different manufactures have different sensitivity settings on them to assist with the activation process, such that the switch operates when it detects sound over a specified threshold.

Delay Option

The circuitry also includes a delay that prevents the circuit from de-activating when the voice or sound stops. This ensures that the circuit does not turn off during the typical short pauses during communication.

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How to set up a VOX headset

To use a VOX type headset, ensure that the radio is turned off, and then plug the VOX headset into the radio and turn it back on. When turned on, the radio detects the presence of the VOX accessory microphone, and shows the VOX icon on display.

Different 2-way radios have different VOX sensitivity levels, ranging from least sensitive to most sensitive. The least sensitivity setting is usually one, which is ideal for noisy locations, while the greatest number represents the highest sensitive level for very quiet locations.

To set VOX sensitivity, find the VOX function from the menu, and then select the desired level of sensitivity for your environment. Then push the push-to-talk key or menu option to go to the next feature, and your VOX setting will be activated.

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