VoIP is not just a funny word.  For those not familiar with it and the avalanche of phones available, it's a way to make the internet - the lazy technological entity that it is - work for you as a communications VoIPmethod.  We no longer have to rely on landlines to make phone calls - the internet provides us with an interesting means of transmission to other VoIP phone users, mobile phone users and to those with regular landlines.  Of course, it's all very well and good knowing what it is; what people really want to know is how to use it and why they should use it. And this is where your dear friends at liGo come in!

Let's start right at the beginning.  VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which pretty much explains exactly what VoIP is.  You can use your internet connection to make calls simply by attaching a VoIP phone to your modem or router and signing up with a VoIP service provider.  But how does it work?  Listen up, eager learners: the process is actually surprisingly simple.  A VoIP phone transforms the speaker's voice into digital format for transmission over the internet.  At the recipient's end, these digital packets are converted back into a normal voice signal via the receiving VoIP phone or by way of the VoIP service provider's gateway.

So why use VoIP?  The primary reason is that it's very cheap to use!  Once you've bought yourself a spiffy VoIP phone, you can sign up for an account with one of several available VoIP service providers such as SkyPE.  Many providers offer very low cost subscriptions with a host of benefits; in fact, unlimited call allowances are fast becoming a popular part of many of the accounts currently on offer.  Cheap international calls are also a large draw too.

Choosing a VoIP provider is a decision that is up to the individual.  However, it doesn't hurt to get a little help with choosing a good VoIP phone.  It is very important to select a phone with a good quality microphone and speakers in order to avoid distortion, and this is something we at liGo can help you with.  Like "normal" phones, there is a choice between cordless DECT VoIP phones, corded VoIP phones and even VoIP compatible headsets!  Some will even give you the option of being able to switch between making VoIP calls and landline calls.  Features such as colour screens, answering machines, speakerphone and multiple handsets are also accessible on VoIP handsets, so there's no need to feel technologically restrained.  Great, eh?

There's no need to be a landline slave any more.  VoIP is a top way of breaking those copper chains...and will also leave you with more than just coppers in your purse or wallet!