When looking for the ideal headset, there are many factors to consider, including personal wearing style and the environment. If you intend to use your headset in a noisy or busy environment, where there are more than a few colleagues in a small area causing a lot of background noise, you should consider getting a noise-cancelling headset

On the other hand, if you work in a much quieter environment, a voice-tube microphone will give your callers the most crisp, clear sound quality available.

So, what is voice tube technology?

Clear voice tube variety is one of the many different types of microphones that have been on the market for the last three decades. Also referred to as omni-directional microphones, voice tubes transmit the speaker’s voice, and any other sounds in their surroundings, to the listener's side without interference.

Tube-style headsets consist of a speaker, headband, and a clear plastic tube. Sound waves are conveyed via the tube and absorbed by dampening material that is fixed to the omni-directional microphone incorporated in the earpiece.

This is a fairly simple and straightforward system that operates in a similar manner to speaker phones, and the exact opposite of noise-cancelling technology, and the trade-off is reflected in the lower price tag compared to noise-cancelling units.


Buying a voice-tube headset

Many headsets today are available in both voice-tube and noise-cancelling models, so you can always get the style you want for whatever environment. Some models even come with both technologies to optimise communications in different settings.

Below you’ll find two of the editor’s choice voice-tube headset picks:

1. Plantronics HW351 SupraPlus corded headset

The Plantronics HW351 SupraPlus corded headset series comes with two microphone styles to provide users with the ultimate flexibility around their environment and optimise communication quality. The voice-tube microphone can be used for typical office environments, while the other option, a noise-cancelling microphone, is available to block unwanted background noise.

2. Agent 500 monaural headset

The Agent 500 monaural headset comes with a single earpiece and clear microphone voice tube, making it ideal for medium use in a standard office or call centre environment, where users require clear, crisp audio and occasional conferring with colleagues.

Agent_wide1 (l-r) Plantronics HW351 SupraPlus corded headset and the Agent 500 monaural headset

When should you consider a voice-tube headset?

Voice tube microphones offer outstanding sound quality in quiet settings, with less weight compared to other styles. However, they are not recommended for busy office environments since they do not filter out unwanted noise from surroundings.