Suitable for both beginners and intermediate users, the Viking Azura binoculars are an excellent mid-range option. Pairing superb optics with a durable build design makes them extremely versatile. Viking maintain their tradition of providing the highest possible quality at a cost-effective price.

The Viking Azura binoculars are available in a number of different focal ranges (8x32, 8x42, 10x42). This helps make them widely accessible depending on what you are using them for. Whether this is for birdwatching or general observation, the Viking Azura binoculars will be a great addition. Check out our guide on Magnification Power to find out which focal range is best for you.

In addition to this, the Viking Azura binoculars bundle is complete with accessories. These include a carry case and rain guard for extra protection when in use. These accessories will be available with any purchase of the Viking Azura binoculars.

This review of the Viking Azura binoculars will delve in to the overall design and performance. Our goal is to provide you with as much information possible to ensure you are making the right purchase. We understand it can be difficult to find out which binoculars are right for you. Thankfully, we have spent extensive time testing these binoculars out and can provide all the relevant information.


Design and Build


Binoculars within the Viking brand typically follow a similar structure. They are lightweight in design, but durable thanks to the rubber-armour finish. The Viking Azura binoculars are no exception to this rule. These binoculars feel extremely comfortable to hold during use and incredibly sturdy.

The rubber-armour design ensures that these binoculars are fully waterproof. In addition to this, the coating makes gripping the binoculars much easier. Even in wet conditions, you will find that you can maintain a solid grip. This makes these binoculars extremely resistant to all weather conditions you may face. Furthermore, the inclusion of twist-down eyecups allows for easy adjustments on the binoculars. This is particularly helpful for those that wear glasses.

Overall, there is a great feel to these binoculars. The rubber-armour finish offers great protection without feeling bulky to hold. These binoculars are certainly compact enough to allow for easy transportation. Perfect for carrying around at any time without feel overburdened.

Viking Azura 8x42 Binoculars 


Let's take a closer look at the twist-down eyecups that come available here. These have become a popular feature within the Viking range. The eyecups are easy to adjust and help find the perfect positioning that suits you best. As previously mentioned, this is extremely helpful for those that wear glasses. The twist-down eyecups provide extra eye-relief and allow for a complete view of the FOV.

From our experience, these eyecups are incredibly easy to adjust and provide a hassle-free experience. The Viking Azura binoculars offer a solid level of eye-relief to ensure that comfort is available. This is a great addition for those that plan on long term use when using the binoculars.

Finally, the focusing wheel available on the Viking Azura binoculars feels incredibly smooth. Adjustments require minimal force and this feels very accessible. It is difficult to identify any faults in the overall design of these binoculars.


Quality of Optics


Viking maintain a reputation of delivering superior quality with their optics. The Viking Azura binoculars are no different. The inclusion of multi-coated optics ensures the highest possible image quality. This helps maximise the light transmission through the binoculars and create a crystal-clear image.

These binoculars perform extremely well in all environments. The multi-coated optics certainly perform best in bright conditions. However, the Viking Azura binoculars hold up well regardless of conditions or environment. Images always appear well defined and sharp throughout the testing process. Those that plan on using these for birdwatching should have no hesitation. These binoculars consistently deliver high-quality results.

In addition to this, the lenses of the binoculars contain nitrogen to help them perform in foggy weather.  This enhances the binocular's ability to perform in poor conditions and helps maintain the crystal-clear images. Furthermore, the nitrogen within the lenses helps to keep the binoculars clean from any potential dirt or dust.

The size of binoculars that you opt for will determine the overall width of the FOV. Choosing binoculars with a smaller magnification power and objective lens size will result in a wider field-of-view. This is particularly important for birdwatching as it allows for easier tracking of object.


Viking Azura 8x42 Binoculars 


For example, the Viking Azura 8x32 Binoculars provide a FOV of 8.1° when looking through the lenses. This is fairly wide and will be perfect for assisting with any birdwatching activity. Whereas the Viking Azura 10x42 Binoculars will restrict this FOV and only offer 6.3°. However, these binoculars would offer a much more powerful magnification power for a more detailed zoom. It is all about identifying the correct balance for your personal needs.

The FOV available here is generally suitable for all activities. Tracking objects feels easy and this makes the Viking Azura binoculars perfect for all avid birdwatchers out there. More experienced users that want a more detailed zoom should look at opting for a higher magnification power here.

Finally, the last point to review is the eye-relief available on these binoculars. The eye-relief available will once again differ depending on the size of the binoculars. The Viking Azura 8x42 Binoculars provide the largest eye-relief at a total of 18mm. In comparison, the other models within the Viking Azura range provide an eye-relief of 15mm.

The eye-relief available on these binoculars will certainly provide comfort during long-term use. The inclusion of the twist-down eyecup design will further enhance this for you. As previously mentioned, this is particularly beneficial for those that wear glasses. You will be able to gain the full benefits of the eye-cups regardless of whether you need glasses or not.

This was very much the case throughout the testing process. The binoculars feel great to use, and even throughout long-term use the eye-relief holds up well. The twist-down eye-cups are easy to adjust and the positioning guarantees comfort for the user.




With everything considered, it is important to place an evaluation on the overall performance of the binoculars. Throughout the extensive testing, the Viking Azura binoculars exceed our expectations. The combination of powerful optics and durable build design makes these binoculars excellent value for money. For the price available, the Viking Azura binoculars will suit any budget size and deliver high-quality results.

The superior optics available on these binoculars help to display a crystal-clear image. The inclusion of multi-coated lenses play a huge role in this. Suitable for use in all conditions, the Viking Azura binoculars will consistently deliver top quality results. Even in low-light conditions, you can expect the binoculars to perform. In addition to this, the nitrogen in the lenses helps the binoculars perform even in foggy weather conditions. This makes the Viking Azura binoculars a top choice all year round.

The compact and extremely durable build design is something that we have come to expect from Viking. The binoculars feel excellent to hold and easily portable thanks to the lightweight design. Furthermore, the protection that the rubber-armour design offers is fantastic. You can be sure that the Viking Azura binoculars will survive in all weather conditions. This design ensures that the binoculars are waterproof and provide a solid grip even when wet.

These binoculars hold up extremely well. Suitable for both beginners and intermediate users, the Viking Azura Binoculars are an excellent mid-range choice. These binoculars strike a fine balance of high-quality optics with durable build qualities that perform exceptionally well.




The Viking Azura binoculars provide incredible value at a cost-effective price. It is difficult to identify any faults throughout the time we have spent testing them out. Whether you are an avid birdwatcher or keen wildlife observer, these are the perfect option for you.

Whilst it may not be feature-rich, it excels with the basics. Everything with the binoculars feels incredibly smooth and easy to use. Pairing powerful optics with a durable compact design has become a signature of the Viking brand. You can expect to get high-quality results and a long-lasting product life with these binoculars. It is fair to say that the Viking Azura binoculars come highly recommended.

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