UrbanHello may be one of the most unusual cordless phone designs we’ve come across in a while, but was developed by French start-up with the bold vision to change the way that we take calls on our landline. They have re-imagined a home phone, which hearkens back to the age of corded phones when families would huddle around together, which tries to reverse the individualist nature of phones that the onset of mobiles and then Smartphones have brought on in recent years. Introducing the UrbanHello Home Phone:


The striking design of the handset values both aesthetics and practicality featuring a minimalist single button at the front to answer and end calls. Both the top and bottom of the handset feature an energy saving OLED screen to display caller information in black and white, and the keypad is integrated discreetly underneath the handset so is out of view when upright.

UrbanHello Home Phone

HD Audio in 360°

The inclusion of a 360° loudspeaker is a first for home phones, and sets it apart as something completely unique as it has been designed to be used primarily in hands-free. Integrated is an HD audio system capable of reproducing deep bass for natural sounding voice quality in exceptional clarity so that you’ll want to use the loudspeaker.

UrbanHello Home Phone

Seamless switching to hands-free

The contemporary design of the UrbanHello is complimented by an intuitive system for switching to hands-free. Simply place the handset on a flat surface (coffee table or shelf) and it will speakerphone will automatically switch on. And if it's a more personal call and you need to take it off loudspeaker, just pick the handset up and talk into it normally.

UrbanHello Home Phone

Compatible with all DECT cordless phones

It is not a standalone phone but is instead designed to work with your existing set of cordless phones, and is compatible with all DECT-GAP base stations in Europe.  This has the added advantage of enabling you to keep using the UrbanHello if you change the make and/or model of your phones down the line.

This family friendly Home Phone is available to order from our site where you'll be able find out more about the product, leave questions, read reviews or even chat with one of our Customer Services team.