As Halloween approaches, everyone seems to be in a rush to finalise their costumes and map the trick or treat routes. Amidst all the excitement of such a fun holiday, people can forget the basics in terms of safety. The most important precaution to ensure safety is efficient communication, which can be achieved using cell phones or two-way radios. The Binatone Latitude 100 Sextet Two Way Radio, for instance, is an affordable yet reliable set of 6 two-way radios with a wireless communication range of up to 3km, allowing you to keep in touch with your children as they go trick or treating.

Besides providing safety, there are a few other creative Halloween ideas that can make good use of two-way radios, like:

binatone latitude 150 2way radioHeadless scary Halloween costume

This costume is very easy to make, and many people love to look at it. To make it, you require a rolling back pack with its handle pulled all the way up and taped. Another way to form the neck and shoulders is by adding some spray foam insulation in layers to allow it to dry fast in a rectangular cardboard. When dry, peel off the cardboard and then use a good pocket knife to shape the neck and shoulders. You can then stuff the shirt with a towel and polly fill, and finish the look with some over-sized pants, apron, and shirt. You also need a disposable pan and some fake blood.

You will need to create some hands that will be taped to the shirt. The cut off head can be made from a an upside down bowl and a white paper plate taped on to it, and some fake blood smeared all over. Lastly, you can put one of the two-way radio handsets at the neck of your headless Halloween costume to make it talk.

The Ogre

To create the Ogre look, you will need some green or blue paint. Look for a poorly designed shirt (you can get some ideas from Shrek’s costume) and wear it. Rub the paint all over your head taking care not to get it in your mouth, eyes, or nose. Wear a pillow under your shirt and hold it in place with your belt. Tousle your hair and carry a club or stick (to create the impression of wielding a club). You can then use one of the radios as an additional mouth to produce sound from unusual positions.

Grinning/talking Jack-o-lantern faces

Kids and adults alike would appreciate a goofy black pumpkin-carving placed on your front porch. It is easy to create, as you simply paint your pumpkin with black spray paint or acrylic before carving it. Use painter’s tape on the stems to keep them free of any paint. Hide one of the handsets for your two-way radio into the jack-o-lantern to spook out your visitors with a talking face.

All in all, it is important that small children trick or treat in groups of at least two families, and in the company of two or more adults, while older children go in groups of 5 or more kids. When moving around in groups, you should equip each group with a two-way radio so you know the path they are taking and when to expect them back. This is important to keep everyone in the loop. For emergency purposes, you may also want to equip your kids with a pepper spray or whistle and flashlight, for when it gets too dark.