Long before Bragi Dash, Earin and co. would start their Fundraiser campaigns on Kickstarter, Jabra was an established company preparing the way for the imminent wireless hearables takeover. We are talking 2013 when fitness and activity tracking made very little sense to most of us.

Jabra’s earphones were basically among the earliest of its kind to ever hit the hearable market, and if you can remember a world-class brand that was on its feet before this, it has to be the famous LG Heart Rate earphones.

What are the Jabra Sports Headphones?

Jabra Sports Headphones is a series of wireless in-ear earbuds designed to perform a number of functions ranging from entertainment to fitness tracking. They’re described as the forerunners of the wireless hearables market, and though they may not be as completely wireless as it sounds, their functions and design concept are pretty similar to more modern gizmos of this kind.

So far, Jabra has produced three generations of its headphones, and each one of them employs a unique technology, has a different design, costs differently and performs a different set of functions from the rest. The three versions are Jabra Sport Coach, Jabra Sport Pace and Jabra Sport Pulse.

1. Jabra Sport Coach Headphones

jabra sport coach sports headphones

As the name suggests, the Sport Coach is designed to guide athletes through workouts and training sessions via audio coaching. The headphones, which feature a cross training app, are integrated with more than 40 exercises for both beginners and advanced athletes to choose from.

For runners, the Coach sports the Trackfit Motion Sensor that measures pace, steps, distance, calories burned and other important data to help you weigh progress and make guided future workout plans. The statistics can be displayed on your NFC-enabled phone which you can pair with your earphones by simply tapping the two together.

This being a workout session where you would expect plenty of movement activity and a lot of sweating, the Coach has a water-resistant casing and also comes with three sets of eargels from which you can choose the one that holds the earbuds perfectly in place for your ear-size.

2. The Jabra Sport Pace

jabra sport pace sports headphones

The Jabra Sport Pace, which are quite different from the Coach on every front, boast an improved stereo sound quality and a smaller comfortable design that makes it more suitable for use not just for guidance during exercise but also for entertainment before and after your workout sessions.

The levels of resistance against the elements such as rain and sweat are built within the US Military Standards for weather and shock, and this allows you to concentrate on your exercise schedule regardless of the weather conditions outside. For personal safety purposes, the two headphones are connected to each other by a reflective cord which makes you more visible to motorists when running along or crossing the road at night.

As an added advantage, these headphones have been integrated with the Jabra’s Sport Life App which offers you motivational training tips, as an athlete, and lets you plan, track and assess your day-to-day training.

Jabra Sport Pace

3. The Jabra Sport Pulse

jabra sport pulse sports headphones

This is the latest generation of the Jabra Sport series and it incorporates a good number of features that can only be found in modern fitness and activity trackers.

The Sport Pulse earbuds are fitted with in-ear heart rate monitors which record and display statistics with “clinical grade” accuracy. This helps you regulate your training intensity to improve performance while also keeping you up to date on your health status.

Regarding sound quality, nothing much of a change has been made, as the Sport Pulse is equipped with the same sound system utilised in the Sport Coach and Sport Pace: the Dolby Sound Enhancement. On the same aspect, a small improvement has been made on music control, and now you can adjust volume, control playback and receive phone calls with a slight tap on the earbuds.

Just like its predecessors, the Jabra Sport Pulse earbuds have been built towards US Military standards on dust, rain, shock and sand, and that makes them suitable for any kind of training environment.

In Conclusion

Though not on the same level as some of the latest in-ear fitness trackers, the Jabra sports earbuds, which offer nothing more than what you need as an average athlete, could be the best option you have, particularly if you’re on a tight budget. Information and instructions on how to use the earbuds and their apps to optimise performance can be found on Jabra’s official website.

Go wireless and enjoy the true freedom of movement.