The two-way radio is a highly useful communications device for folks of all ages, but can be a treat for kids especially. In addition to being a fun device for them to play with, it can help them keep in touch and safe while on outings or help parents or siblings provide a bit of supervision even when they're not around. Whether you are giving a pair to your kids to mess around with or add an extra element to some of their playful expeditions, or getting a set for the family to keep in touch on an outing, two-way radio sets can be a great and worthwhile investment.

Below, we'll examine the Binatone Latitude 100 Two-Way Radio, our top two-way radio for kids here at liGo. If you're looking for the ideal set for children of all ages but packing some of the functionality of a quality two-way radio solution, we think you've come to the right place.

latitude100_largeA Closer Look At The Binatone Latitude 100

In terms of its feature set, the Binatone Latitude 100 is essentially a fully-fledged two-way radio system. It includes 8 channels with easy channel scan, an impressive range of up to 3 kilometres, and a low battery indicator. It's rugged design makes it perfect for kids who might subject it to some rough treatment. But the Binatone Latitude 100 is designed for use outdoors, so it is used to some harsh environments and capable of taking a beating.

Being quite affordable is another boon to the Binatone Latitude 100 as a selection for kids. At just £22.99 a set, even if they are lost are damaged, the loss isn't too severe and not too taxing to replace. The range of up to 3 kilometres insures you'll be able to keep in touch even at quite the distance. Perfect for a day hike, an adventurous expedition, or even just a fun compliment to play time.

Free To Own And Operate

Two way radio systems are completely free to own and operate, requiring no license or subscription plan. The only thing required is three AAA batteries, which are easy to replace even on the go. The included low battery indicator lets you know if they're running low before low power gets a chance to compromise the devices functionality, letting you always stay ready to keep in touch.

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