Though baby monitors might seem like something exclusively useful for parents or those who work in child care, there are actually a lot of different uses to which they can be put. As a security monitor they can prove quite effective.

You could even keep an eye on the stove from another room in your house, or readily see who is calling when the door bell rings. But today we decided to take a look at some options which are quite well suited to keeping track of our furry friends. Below, we'll examine my selections for the best monitors for pet lovers!

Spv830_largeiemens Gigaset PV830

My first pick today is the Siemens Gigaset PV830 Baby Monitor. Although designed and marketed as a baby monitor, the PV830 can easily find itself at home as a security monitor, or a great way to keep track of your pets should you find yourself in another room or outside.

At its budget price tag, the PV830 is substantially cheaper than installing a full home security monitoring setup. Yet despite that, it is packed with useful features and quality specs. Enjoy the crisp and colourful 2.4” display which leaves you with great image quality. If your pet wanders off screen, you can easily move the camera with its 3D tilting technology within a range of 90 degrees.

Also included is a temperature sensor to allow you to keep a close watch on the climate your pets are in!

Motorola HVC Focus 85

If you thought the Gigaset PV830 offered a lot of bang for the buck, the HVC Focus 85 will probably make you raise your eyebrows. This has to be, hands down, one of the best systems for monitoring anything – pets, babies, or just for security – available anywhere.


Why? Because of its amazing feature set!

First off, the HVC Focus 85 has modules both for indoor and outdoor use. So even if you let your pets out into the garden, you can still keep track of them from a single system which allows you to easily switch between the views on your indoor and outdoor cameras. With the ability to pan, tilt and zoom each camera individually, you can really get an excellent look at what is going on where ever the camera is positioned and easily hone in on any details or even look off screen.

Featuring infrared night vision, the HVC Focus 85 can even provide a stellar image in low light conditions or total darkness! This really makes the HVC Focus 85 a winner for anyone who wants to know whats going on even if the lights are out.

The two camera system proves itself ideal for keeping track of indoor-outdoor pets who might move around during the course of the day. The simple press of a button switches between the two camera systems – no hassling with cords or connections.


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If for some reason these two options don't quite hit all the right spots for your pet monitoring needs, check out our extensive catalogue of other security monitors at liGo which will be perfect for keeping a closer eye on your home, your baby, or your pets!